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    Wowie! That cover about every want the Goat has for his Pre. Every suggestion is realistic too. Unlike the "Make the center button into a trackball." stuff.

    Thanks for the great list!!!
    -Goatin' Ain't Easy-
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    With regards to #52, or enabling TRUE universal search, this is probably the feature I miss most from my Treo 700p. I have a ton of information under many of my contacts, i.e. their old numbers, notes about them that I need to remember, etc. It is VERY difficult to try to remember which contact had a specific note, so I end up searching many many contacts, guessing at which ones might have been the contact I'm searching for. With my Treo, I just typed the note I was searching for, and got several results, from which I could easily figure out the contact I needed to lookup.

    Palm, or a Dev, PLEASE PLEASE fix this shortcoming of the Pre/WebOS!!

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    Nice list!

    Some other things I didn't see listed:
    - Undo
    - Select All
    - Use volume button as shutter button in camera app
    - Compressed calendar view (so an 8 hr appt doesn't use up the whole screen)
    - Make a Palm Desktop website that lets you view/modify your Palm Profile data
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    Here is a couple more suggestions I don't think were in the OP:

    Visual notifications while in landscape mode.

    More account integration (synergy type stuff) flickr, all the other IM yahoo, facebook etc. Having things integrated rather than having to build 3rd party client apps is a neat idea.
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    This needs to be a sticky!
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    Not sure if this was mentioned but:

    Place all ringtone / alarm tones / notifications selections in one menu with volume sliders for each.

    I hate that I have to go to clock then alarm to change my alarm tone, then I go to ringtone to chnage that. Just the tones all in one menu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccs86 View Post
    This needs to be a sticky!
    +1 to that
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccs86 View Post
    This needs to be a sticky!
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    Hey sjamie,
    I'd like to make a suggestion for this list - some form of 4-Way / D-pad navigation function like the Treos have. The lack of this one-handed quick navigation option is the most common complaint among former Treo users (like myself). Possible methods for doing this:

    1. If right around the center / card-view button is touch-sensitive, allow an option to make the touch areas around it a 4-Way nav and the center button function as select.
    2. Use volume buttons to navigate up/down and center button to select. More difficult to use than option 1, but maybe more realistic an option?
    3. R, D, G, C on the keyboard for up, left, right, down - with F for select (F being the button with the raised dot). This is less elegant b/c it requires the keyboard be open. But, another option that may be easier to implement.

    This would make web browsing / selecting the right links a lot easier than it is currently. All too often I touch the wrong link. A shortcut key - maybe Sym twice - could turn option 3 on / off - allowing the letters to even be used to navigate an email / text message you're typing.

    Another thing I'd like to see is a "Navigate There" option in Google Maps - that takes you to Sprint Navigation to begin GPS functionality to that location. Not necessarily on Palm, but they could facilitate it! Thanks,
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    The sticky for the apps we are requesting is here:

    App Wishlist

    Here is the sticky for the Buglist for Pre. Some have viewed some of these as more of bug than feature requests.

    10. Spell Check, AutoCorrect, Predictive Type
    Would you add this link to show what can be done to fix this: Autoreplace Upgrade

    11. Ability to Change Ringtones for Alerts (Texts, Voicemails, Emails, etc.)
    Would you add this link to show what can be done to fix this: "My Notification" App in Homebrew

    12. Have Center Button Glow for Missed Alerts (calls, emails, texts, voicemails, etc.)
    Please note that the first part of this has been done here: Tweak: Turn on LED when text message is received

    14. Cut, Copy, Paste from ANYWHERE!
    Could you expand this to Missing Basic Text Editing?
    ►Undo - You can't undo a mistake in the Pre. On your PC Undo is [Ctrl] - [Z], on a Treo press [Menu] - [Z]. When enabled, Undo should be "Press the Gesture Area and Z at the same time." There is no work-around.
    ►Italics - To italicize highlighted text on a PC, press Ctrl - I , on a Treo press Menu - I . When enabled, Italics should be "Press the Gesture Area and I at the same time." There is no work-around.
    ►Bold - To make highlighted text bold on a PC, press Ctrl - B , on a Treo press Menu - B . When enabled, Bold should be "Press the Gesture Area and B at the same time." There is no work-around.
    ►Select All - To select all on a PC, press Ctrl - A , on a Treo press Menu - A . When enabled, Select All should be "Press the Gesture Area and A at the same time."
    ►Copy - You can copy text you are editing (see Typing section) but not text you cannot edit like internet information.

    15. Virtual Keyboard (especially for web browsing in landscape mode)
    ►The screen keyboard has been found Photos are here.

    18. Use Phone As Modem (PAM)
    Would you note that this is called Tethering and has been accomplished by many:
    Palm Pre USB Tethering (DUN)
    Your tethered download speeds go here

    53. Add a stopwatch & countdown timer (with alarm).
    Would you note that we do have Timer On A Stick, a countdown timer [no rooting required]?

    Also could you add notes on the missing basic music player features?
    ►Slider - The slider bar is enabled for playing videos but not for playing music. There is no work-around.
    ►Landscape - You can watch videos in landscape mode (sideways) but not music.
    ►Lyrics - On an iPhone, tap the album graphic for lyrics. Pre Lyrics are there but not visible.


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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinde View Post

    15. Virtual Keyboard (especially for web browsing in landscape mode)
    ►The screen keyboard has been found Photos are here.

    This was debunked already.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gompers View Post
    You don't. It doesn't exist. It's non-existant.
    Webshell does not exist in WebOS.
    The keyboard doesn't exist in the OS.
    It's not part of WebOS.
    It isn't a feature of the phone.
    There is no on-screen keyboard built into WebOS.

    I'm trying to think of other ways to phrase this, but I'm running out of them.

    Feel free to set up a webserver, install webssh, go to the webpage of the server you've installed and then use it to ssh to a linux box where you can run lynx and then use your precious on-screen keyboard to browse the web in glorious text. That's about all it's useful for at the moment.

    To summarize again:
    Webshell is an application you would install on a server that you then access via a web browser. It contains a self-contained javascript keyboard that runs when you access the ssh client.

    It is not part of the OS. It doesn't run in the OS. It's completely and totally useless on the phone in it's current state, unless you want to use an on-screen keyboard as part of your SSH client.
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    I give a tip of the hat to Sjamie for creating this post.

    I have a few suggestions as well

    1 Creating a solution post as they come for the suggestions given in this post similar to milominderbinde's post

    2. Wifi syncing of media as well as outlook info eg. pics videos music

    3. Better GPS signal sprint nav needs some work

    4. ability to use and choose when to use flash

    Thanks Great post
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    #65 Needs a *loud* audible alert option as well. I'd like to switch my 75 member medical practice to a Pre, but it's our pager. Our device must be able to wake us up at night.
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    Im sending in my requests now
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    Great list. I would only add when creating a new calendar or task entry enable monthly view. Currently you have to scroll by days.
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    Couple things I would add...

    - Add a translucent scroll bar on the right-hand side of the page while scrolling through a webpage so we can determine exactly where we are on the page... This bar will only pop up while scrolling and will "fade away" after you stop scrolling.

    - a bug I've noticed is that if you're in a text conversation with a person, and that person sends you another text, it still gives you an alert that you have to manually clear even though you're already in a conversation with that person.... This needs to be fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneRyno View Post
    Most excellent list. Might I suggest a slight alteration of the title of the thread to A comprehensive list of fixes needed, requested new features, and workarounds.
    That's a great idea! However, is it possible to rename a thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    Sounds great! I'd like to also add better picture organization (multiple subfolders, tags etc.) and widgets would be pretty cool.

    Also for #46, swiping up while in an app doesn't bring up the launcher so taking out launcher may not be a good idea. Ans with #76, no need to elininate scrolling down. Scrolling down gives you the ability to create pages for categories favorits etc and not have two pages with media. All we need is multiple pages and maybe move the icons down a bit so ony 9 show up (not 9 and the tops of the next 3) with the little extra space you could put a label on each page!
    So far, whenever I scroll up in the gesture area (in every app I've tried), the app is minimized revealing the quicklaunch bar. If I scroll up again, it brings up the launcher. I have not run into a situation yet where the only way to activate the launcher was from the icon. Actually, I almost forgot the icon was there because I never use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjamie View Post
    That's a great idea! However, is it possible to rename a thread?
    It may be editable by editing the post, but if it isn't an admin can alter titles if they are willing to do so on the behalf of user request.
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    These are all awesome ideas, but I know I will not be able to do any of this stuff to my phone without messing it up for the most part.

    Do you think there will be any easy ways to add these to our phones down the road, sort of like the email yourself the homebrew stuff before?

    Just a newb
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