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    Better text editing features when composing emails and SMS. Specifically, an easier way to move the cursor to select text for changes/corrections and for doing cut/copy/paste.

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    Make a combination command that allows select all/cut and select all/copy in one action.
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    It would be interesting to if it were some how possible to create a rank list of all these fixes to see what users here would feel are the most important fixes that they wanted. A poll of such a rank list could show the most wanted features...
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    Just saw a commercial for the iPhone (I know, I know) and the ability to copy maps or even an entire article and then paste it in a text or email looks really, really cool! I would love the ability to do that on my Pre.

    Here's the video for anyone who's curious (can't post link because of post count but..): youtube(dot)com/watch?v=cvJk1DVkIYI&annotation_id=annotation_102438&feature=iv
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    It would be interesting to if it were some how possible to create a rank list of all these fixes to see what users here would feel are the most important fixes that they wanted. A poll of such a rank list could show the most wanted features...
    There IS something in place: Customer Feedback & Ideas for Palm Pre Forums
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    What about viewing PDFs in landscape mode. I don't believe the Pre does this and frankly, I would love to read script in landscape mode...
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    Here is what I sent to Palm...

    I would like the ability to mark emails as read or unread without having to open the actual email. Perhaps a tap and hold of the email acts as a right click would act on a desktop and opens a couple of option fields such as mark as (un)read, reply, forward. A tap and hold followed by a scroll could act as a way to highlight multiple emails to perform the same acts.

    This would enable business users of the Pre to manage their email accounts in a more timely fashion. By enabling a "right click" type of menu, users will no longer have to wait for each email to open in order to mark them as read or reply or forward. The ability to perform a similar action to multiple emails would make an ENORMOUS difference in the amount of time it takes to manage email accounts.
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    A few more ideas:

    A) Allow the "Wave" to have a different set of shortcuts than the launch bar.
    B) Allow the launch bar to be turned off.
    C) Phone numbers in the Subject of e-mails and calendar events are not recognized and hyperlinked.
    D) Add a file manager (with zip/unzip) for managing the user storage on the Pre.
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    I put xmarks shortcut (mobile folder) in the wave launcher instead of the web. Just wish you could add bookmarks to it from Pre. In the meantime, if i come across a website on the Pre that i want to bookmark, i email myself the link, and use desktop to bookmark it later.

    Go to mobile folder (you create in firefox). Then tap menu to add to launcher. Drag to wave launcher.
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    Most excellent list. Might I suggest a slight alteration of the title of the thread to A comprehensive list of fixes needed, requested new features, and workarounds. And also request that this be made a sticky I think it would be a great way of centralizing feture requests since the list is primarily feature requests. I added the ones I like most to my own list to keep track of what I'm looking for most but many of these things on top of those would be nice to see. But onto things I've listed that I don't think were listed in the OP:

    Accordion long appointments in calendar like free time. Ex. 3 hour or longer compressed but color coded appropriately.

    Month and agenda (like blackberry where it lists briefly the stuff you have to by date for a quick and better view of the week ahead that the week view simply doesn't do so good at) view options for default views in calendar.

    Color code calendar month view when all calendars option is selected. This eliminates the need to switch back and forth from different ones to cross compare.

    Extend calendar reminders to beyond 7 days as long as 30 or 45 day options as I'm aware some have pointed out wanting ones that long.

    Varied options for snooze duration in clock currently no options at all and have to deal with the short default or make multiple alarms to simulate longer snooze durations.

    When viewing a contacts details flick left or right to switch to previous or next contacts details respectively. Saves having to constantly switch back to the list and into new contacts details when cycling through many contacts details.

    Reduce screen real estate used by the contact bubbles when adding multiple contacts to a txt msg etc. Font size and bubble size should be half the size it is now preferably.

    Expanding on the custom notification sounds suggestion in the OP list make notification profiles to be able to customize all notifications sounds etc. Notification profiles would centralize all notification related settings.

    Expanding on the center button visual alert for missed calls, txt, etc also allow by settings periodic sound/vib alerts. Should be a part of notification profiles.

    Comma separated digits in calculator.

    Latitude, streetview, pedestrian (aka walking directions), and transit google map features.

    User options for increasing number of icons seen on screen in the launcher. Ex 4 per row and 4 rows with the 5th row partly faded and behind the quick launch. This could go as high as 6 per row and 6 rows if pressing them at that size doesn't cause accuracy issues.

    Custom font sizes for app such as memo where the font size is unnecessarily large. Not all users want font sizes for the visually impaired. In fact it wouldn't hurt to allow custom font sizes by an option setting in every app.

    notifications when OS, apps, and other updates are available. This would be as simple as pushing the notifications to the devices eliminates the need to have the device (if it does so) or the user check periodically for them.


    most important feature request of all backup need to back up every single little thing. In other words restoring from a backup should make your device exactly how it is as if you never did whatever it was that you did to need to restore from the backup.
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    Sounds great! I'd like to also add better picture organization (multiple subfolders, tags etc.) and widgets would be pretty cool.

    Also for #46, swiping up while in an app doesn't bring up the launcher so taking out launcher may not be a good idea. Ans with #76, no need to elininate scrolling down. Scrolling down gives you the ability to create pages for categories favorits etc and not have two pages with media. All we need is multiple pages and maybe move the icons down a bit so ony 9 show up (not 9 and the tops of the next 3) with the little extra space you could put a label on each page!
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    O God yes on the battery life and reception/signal. I'm beginning to think I need to walk around with an Airave >.<
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    Well, I originally suggested using Uservoice, turns out there is already a uservoice page.

    See Go there to vote.
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    I can already do number 72. I haven't have a problem with pdf, word, excel, or photos. I have had to open up the item but then there is an option to save as. The real problem then lies in the fact that you can't delete those items without going into usb mode.

    Also, this is my number one issue. Not being able to reply to emails with an exchange account. Currently, you can "technically" reply but the previous emails and everything associated with the email string is jumbled into one text string. The line breaks, paragraphs, and formatting is all lost in the previous emails.
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    Umm, just one glaring issue with the list in the OP... How can you have a compass without any kind of digital compass integrated into the phone? You can't just write a compass app, the phone has no idea which way its facing...
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    I would suggest including "search email" in universal search as an option. For example... I could type "flight itenerary" and get my email from a month ago that lists my flight itenerary. The ability to search email is a very basic email function. If the device is set to only store a certain duration of email, it should perform a query of the email provider and offer up all hits for viewing.
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    Great list!
    #71 reminded me of a suggestion I would like to be implemented.

    When adding an mp3 to the Ringtones list (via the add button on the bottom left), the actual mp3 files get duplicated & added to the "x:/Palm Pre/Ringtones/" folder. The phone should use a shortcut to the original file, not waste internal memory by duplicating the file.
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    The main feature I'd like wasn't listed already so here it goes: Email sync based on schedule.

    What I mean is I'd like the ability to have additional settings for the frequency my Pre syncs my email. For instance, during the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday have the Pre sync "as items arrive" but after my set scheduled times have it sync every X minutes. Windows Mobile devices already have this feature. It will also help with battery life.
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    Oh! I forgot one more. I want the ability to set the screen lock to NEVER LOCK. I know it's a touch screen device so this may be needed but I'd like the ability to disable the screen lock all together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Candles View Post
    Oh! I forgot one more. I want the ability to set the screen lock to NEVER LOCK. I know it's a touch screen device so this may be needed but I'd like the ability to disable the screen lock all together.
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