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    Straight forward message is best not one couched in some metaphor.

    Palm Pre adverts revolve around solving problems?
    There's even a solution for that.
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    Whaaaaaaaaat? If you're a man and have a pulse, you're never past it!
    I have been verbally emasculated!
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    i have a friend who recently graduated with a film degree. I'm going to try to talk to him about a small commercial skit we may put together. On our free time, we make small short films so im sure we can think of something creative.
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    Honestly if you are making this you should just look at the Pre stories posts by people And just video tape one in action.

    Something like that would probably be good.
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    yea you're going to have to do something viral or very interesting to catch the eyes of any commercial entities waiting to pay you handsomely. I'm not saying it can't be done, but as others have said, you need a more universal appeal to all ages / races / sex.
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    I personally wouldn't buy a cellphone because of a commercial that is all about "hot chicks".
    I would want to buy a cellphone if I saw a commercial that shows its potential in a humorous way?
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