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    thought it would show up right away since i always had my Instinct contacts synced with Sprint.

    How do i sync the Pre with those numbers?
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    The store you bought it from should be able to do that for you.

    Either that, or they can print out all of your contacts and you can re-enter them. My mom had to do that when she went from a Nextel phone to the Instinct.
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    The guy at the Sprint store today just plugged the phones in and transfered all my contacts in about 5 minutes or less.
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    if you don't have time to get to a store, and if you used mobile backup on your pre just export the mobile backup from your account page then import that file to gmail and it will sync to gmail. I did this then stupidly had them transfer my nums at the store so i have double haha..
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    I am on my Sprint page. Where do i go to export mobile backup?
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    TMed i will appreciate if u can walk this through with me!

    Sprint reps werent this informative even
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    it's under Online Tools on the sprint page
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    Where in Online Tools?

    All i see is stuff Messaging and productivity tools
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    Start typing.
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    Hmmmm. Did you all ready activate your Pre? Cuz I had the Instinct before the Pre and it used to be on the Online Tools section. Now it's gone. You might have to bluetooth your contacts to your PC and then import them to gmail or take both phones Sprint and let them do it

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