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    To compete side-by-side with the iPhone:

    O2 wins exclusive Palm Pre deal | Business |

    "American gadget group Palm will next week confirm that it has signed a deal with O2 which will see the mobile phone network become the exclusive UK partner for its eagerly awaited Palm Pre handset.

    The Pre, which went on sale in the US last month, has been tipped as the most viable alternative yet produced to the iPhone. The new version of the Apple device the iPhone 3GS went on sale less than two weeks ago and a million were snapped up in the first three days.

    O2 already has an exclusive deal with Apple to stock the iPhone and grabbing the Palm Pre is likely to further cement its position as the UK's largest mobile phone network. Reports of a tie-up between Palm and O2 first appeared in May and Carphone Warehouse is also expected to stock the Pre.

    O2 is believed to have seen off fierce competition for the device from Orange, which it also beat to the iPhone at the last minute.

    Analysts reckon that Palm has already sold more than 300,000 Pre devices in the US alone and the handset has a crucial role to play in reviving the company's flagging fortunes."
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    GSM Palm Pre, here it comes...
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    i wish sprint had the Iphone...
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    More importantly, will the power button be on the left side?
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    Hopefully we will see some awesome wallpapers featuring the 'o2 bubbles' theme soon!

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