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    My opinion on the Pre is that it's a brilliant device - shortcomings included - nothing is perfect.

    Looking at the best Buy report where the main market for smartphones will be consumers and not the business. The focus will be on to listening to music, watching video and playing games. Areas where the Iphone excels and the BBerry lacks.

    If Palm had to concentrate on a set of features - would it be better for them to concentrate on the multimedia aspect rather than the email/sycn aspect?

    First when the Iphone came out they sold it on its visual voice mail and its interface. Soon people lost interest so they then sold it on the back of its browsing experience. Now the push is on Applications with the number of app store adverts you see.

    I feel that on the email/sync aspect Pre would get a a lot of sales from frustrated Winmo users.
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    Multimedia. Mainly because its such an easy fix. Add a scrub bar, bookmarking, podcast support, change the default cover view and you're done.
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    There's no need to try and beat Apple at it's own game.

    A few minor tweaks to the multimedia capabilities of the pre, and you've got all you need.

    Focus on "business"-type features, and you've got a great phone that does something that nobody else - RIM included - does right now. Palm used to be the gold standard in PIM, and they need to re-capture that ground in order to be successful. If it happens to do the media stuff great as well, awesome.

    What I love about it, so far, is the ability to keep my work and personal stuff separate, but integrated.
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    I would agree Gompers - Palm really needs to crack the email/sync PIM.
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    Sync, Synergy (fix the damn facebook sync), More features (automatic wallpaper switching, call timers, more detailed call app, State ID, history of all calls per contact(Winmo))
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    Make the PIM better. Do you know how many Treo users are out there who are waiting to upgrade tot he Pre who want simple features like actual search and everythinge else that's missing? A ton.
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    SDK - open tools for developers will solve everything.

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