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    So I was drinking with a buddy of mine last night and after a good 2 hours of booze, needless to say i was slightly inebriated. I had my pre in my hands and while i reached out to the car door, i fumbled the damn thing. I had dropped the phone from a good 3 feet and my naked pre with no protection had met the pavement of the bar's parking lot with a thunderous *CLACK*.

    I was horrified. Images of pre body parts danced in my head. I didn't want to look for it for fear of the deadly carnage that was sure to be present. I have a perfect pre, no dead/stuck pixels, no overheating issues, no cracked screen, and negligible wobble. I had treated it like it was made out of glass the past few weeks and now all that effort was wasted.

    When i finally looked for the phone, i could tell with an initial glance that the phone was in 2 pieces. However, on closer inspection, it turned out that the jolt of hitting the hard pavement had only popped off the battery door. I popped it back on with little effort and could barely believe my luck. The screen was undamaged despite the fact that it was laying face down on the pavement. I did notice a few small scratches on the very bottom of the gesture area around the edges, but they were quite small and hard to notice.

    I don't suggest anyone try this of course to test the sturdiness of their own pre, but as much as i loved my phone, i had serious doubts about the build quality and that it might last me for the 2 years of my contract. This experience has been quite reassuring. I guess its time to stop being overprotective of my pre. Its tough enough to take care of itself, should the need ever arise again.
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    Well its good to finally hear something good out of all the threads on this forum. I was curious on its ability to take a beating.
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    I had the same thing happen twice, the first one was from about 4 feet off a bar high table onto the cement and the second one was about 2 feet high and almost into the pool. My pre has only 1 dead pixle and was the second Pre purchased from my local corporate sprint store in Austin Texas and has no slider/wobble issues. Both the drops i encountered ended well, with only cosmetic damage.
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    I had dropped my pre as well and I would say about 5 feet but it left deep scratches on my bottom right of my pre
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    Sounds like if you'd had a film screen protector on, you'd have had no damage at all.
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    I must have dropped my Treo 700p onto pavement about a dozen times throughout its "career" as my primary phone... I was constantly amazed by its tank-like robustness.

    But just like Lucidlore, I've been babying my Pre (and will continue to) because it just seems so much more fragile. And I enjoy the pristine, scratch-free surface (in contrast to my battle-scarred Treo).

    Good to know that one survived the ultimate test, though!
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    I am slowly beginning to believe this phone is sturdier then people are giving it credit for..including me
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    Well I've posted this like a million times but I dropped mine about 6 hours after I got it on launch day. Standing in my kitchen polishing it with a microfiber cloth it slipped and fell hard onto tile floor. Got a small crack on the lower left corner of the front section but works great so I haven't filed a TEP claim yet. I'm waiting towards the end of the year hoping for an improved hardware revision before I change it through TEP. In the meantime I'm waiting for the new Seidio case you can use the TS with to cover up the crack.
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    To be honest, I'm not really surprised. Palm has a reputation for durable phones, especially with the earlier Treos. Most notably, the Treo 650 was the tank of all Treos IMO.

    However, I've noticed that the phones have become "weaker" and weaker since the 800 series and beyond. I'm not saying that they can't take a beating, just not as much as the earlier phones.
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    I dropped mine on asphalt from about 4 feet after having it only 2 days (naked as well). I picked it up in horror...small scratch on the back/bottom corner, no other damage. I would say it passed the fall, nobody notices the scratch but me. I was traumatized for a few days but now I'm over it.
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    Part of the problem is that this phone has moving parts, and at the intersection of these moving parts, there is a LOT of wiggle. This plays to the illusion of frailty.
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    I dropped my Pre 2 days after installing a whole body "skin" on it. I even had it in the little black/orange pouch when I dropped it - it managed to bounce and land on the power button corner of the phone sticking out of the pouch. The newly installed skin did its job and took the damage instead of the phone.

    I simply ripped that corner of the skin off .. I am sure I'll drop the phone again. I will replace the skin with the 2nd skin I got for free when I ordered the first once the first skin starts to show more signs of wear.
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    People have been complaining about the pre wobble but in almost a month time nobody has posted pics of a broken pre....if the slider mechanism was that weak then we should see some pres split in two by now....
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    my phone was on my lap while i was sitting outside. forgot it was there and got up off the chair rather quickly. My phone catapulted right off my lap and slid several feet. Picked it up, no damage =]
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    Quote Originally Posted by akarol View Post
    LOL... love it; added to my lexicon.
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    I did the dreaded "use the phone in the car, set the phone on your lap, then exit vehicle" and flipped the phone onto the asphalt about a week after launch day.

    Three or four 1 mm or smaller nicks on the edges, but the screen was unharmed and the phone has shown no ill effects.
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    I dropped mine on to gravel and the screen shattered. There is not way this thing is going to as tough as my old Mogul.
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    That's awesome
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    I'm not planning on dropping mine (who is?), but I do miss the durability of my old Verizon LG flip phones (before they had stupid names, and were just referred to by the VX model numbers). I dropped one about four feet once on asphalt, and it flipped open and rolled/bounced about two feet. Picked it up, a few minor scratches, everything still intact, still on. Amazing. Even the old Nokias couldn't do that (remember having to gather the face plate, keypad, and battery?).
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