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    but now we know how to easily (and frighteningly) get the back cover off.

    so win win.

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    Your heart must have stopped instantly!

    Oh wait, you were drunk so your heart probably stopped about 45 seconds after the pre hit the pavement.
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    My Pre is just over three months old. I was not experiencing ANY problems with it and it had been working perfectly. I was in an asphalt parking lot, fumbling around for my keys with the Pre in my hand, when it took a belly-flop out of my hand and fell flat on its screen (protected by an invisi-shield screen film and the suede pouch).

    Not a scratch on the exterior surface (thanks, invisi-shield!), but the touch surface is now unresponsive and LCD underneath is all cracked (black screen with red, blue and green lines).

    I'm heartbroken.
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    I remember my nextel i760. That thing was dropped more than any phone I ever had. Left it on top of my car and got on the freeway...needless to say it flew off and luckily I heard it slide of the roof. That's when I realized where I left it. Circled back around and it was still working. Just kept ticking. I hope to never drop the pre. Seems pretty fragile even with no drop.
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    Just 5 mins ago my nephew picked up my phone and dropped it 1 foot literally slipped out of his hands onto concrete and it just got a crack about 1/2" long on the top left corner...totally shocked because I have dropped it from much higher while drunk and had no problems. Very irritated the repetitive drops from greater heights never caused damage but a little drop like that ended with this.
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    someone needs to start a vote to see how messed up their pre dropping it and how many has fared well after dropping it??!! i would if i knew how lol
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    Please tell me you reaching for the passenger door
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    Please tell me you reaching for the passenger door
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