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    I bought my Pre at bestbuy but I'm sure the local Sprint store would have more in stock for an exchange.

    Anyone know?

    btw, my phone is stuck in headphone mode and nothing will un-stick it.

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    I returned mine through my local Sprint Store even though I got mine at Best Buy. I just went in and told them about the cracked screen and they took care of me.
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    That is messed up on so many levels. You should have taken it back to Best Buy since they were the POS. Why should a corporate Sprint retail store have exchanged your defective Palm Pre when Best Buy not only was the POS, but also commissioned for your Palm Pre sale? Answer me that MoonKS. In essence you cost that particular retail store you exchanged your defective Palm Pre which you bought from Best Buy a piece of their inventory that could have been used for a new line of service or an upgrade. If Best Buy didn't have any more Palm Pre in their inventory for you to exchange, tough. No one told you to purchase it from them.
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    Since you purchased it from Best Buy, you need coolpixer to take it to the nearest Best Buy for the exchange as they are the ones responsible for doing so within the first thirty days of exchange unlike what MoonKS did. Best Buy just like Radio Shack, is a national retailer who received a commission for selling you a Palm Pre. Sprint corporate retail stores do not get anything nor are suppose to exchange wireless devices purchased from a national retailer.
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    i had the same problem! i would recommend using the original headset that came with the pre and plug it in and unplug it about 10 or 15 times.

    this worked for me and i was just about to return it.

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