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    Alright. I'm curious...

    My signal strength jumps around a good bit. Now, On the map for sprint coverage it shows up Dark Green (best) and Green (good). I'm in my office building kind of close to a window and I only have 1 bar... At times it will jump up to like 4 bars. Then it will jump back down to 1 bar.

    Should this be happening? Is this a hardware issue? Could a software update fix this shaky signal strength? Or is it likely a Defect in my device?

    What is everyone elses signal strength like? In BEST and GOOD areas?
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    I see this at my office as well, along with EVDO bouncing in and out. Very annoying, especially since I can't use our wireless (no support for a proxy server)....
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    I've had the same issues. Here's what I've done that helps. Select Sprint only. Then force EVDO Hybrid A by typing ##EVDO# on the phone keypad. Not perfect but at least acceptable. Lots fewer dropped calls (still get some).

    Look for my other posts for details on my opinion as to why this occurs.
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    Been discussed at length in several other threads do a search and you will find others experiances and what they have done

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