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    So today Barron's Tech Blog posted the article Tech Trader Daily - Barron’s Online about the skeptic turned around by the Pre's huge numbers as reported by his sources in the manufacturing channel. Then the blog lights up with comments half of them relative to the stock and the rest are the usual Pre/iPhone tit-for-tat exchanges. But this post took the cake in just going all out, full-tilt boogey, party-on Pre and Palm as an antithesis to all the bogus crap being put out by shorters or fanbois:

    "Did anyone hear the rumor that Buffett is considering breaking his “no technology investments” rule and buying a substantial tranche of Palm? Apparently Munger’s tried the Pre and is big on WebOS. And Buffett likes the Rubinstein-to-CEO move. Anything to this? Gosh, I hope so. And on Twitter, they say Obama’s trading his BB for a Pre. Anyone hear any of this? If so, no wonder the stock’s surging! Looks like Palm is serious about its business plan–in it to win it. They know they can’t compete with a behemoth that has more than $25 billion free cash and Steve Jobs as the quarterback. Then again, Palm was supposed to have died awhile back. Problem is, someone forgot to nail the coffin. We’re still buying. Technology will be the sector that leads the U.S. out of its current slump. No bubbles needed. Just pure innovation and execution. Ask Jobs. And Rubinstein. Fact is, the feisty little Palm has now placed itself squarely in the rearview mirrors of both Apple and RIMM, which will only make them better. Everybody wins. After all, isn’t that the objective of the game?
    Comment by Rg2 - June 30, 2009 at 4:59 pm
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    Fact is, the feisty little Palm has now placed itself squarely in the rearview mirrors of both Apple and ...
    Interesting metaphor. Here's to hoping they don't stick it in reverse.
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    LOL nice
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    sounds like a lot of speculation

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