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    (yes I know what a creative title! )

    I was thinking lets see who can get to the closest date as to when we will see the app store come out of beta and some more apps start flowing in!

    my prediction is September 24

    lets hear what yours are!
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    I am going to go with the 3rd of september, end of summer.
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    And yeah, nice title(:
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    9-9-9 which is my BIRTHDAY! Turn it upside down and you get the mark of the beast (Apple).
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    For non-beta App Catalog, I'm saying either by July 15 or if not then I'll say August 21st.
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    I would say out of beta by end of month (july) with a few more apps added. As for the flood... I wouldn't start the loading the ark till end of august begening of september.
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    9/6/10...Oh it has to be 2009? Second half of 2009 .
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    Since the thread started with my birthday, I'll use my daughter's 8-15-09.

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