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    My wife's pre does not want to show contacts to select for text messanging. Google contacts were added to the phone and all of the show under the contact application but not when creating a text message. I removed all gmail contacts and add them again. I also turned the phone off and on. Any suggestions?

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    The device does not currently support contact groups.
    The only work around right now is to manually select each and every contact that you want to send a message to. This has to be done every time you send a sms message or an email.

    An alternative is to use twitter, but this has its own problems.

    This is a very serious problem in my opinion. For me, this is just as important as being able to copy-paste from non-editable fields and open PDF files from inside the brower.

    In fact, I will be returning my Pre and cancelling my contract with sprint next week - before my 30 days are up - unless Sprint is willing to work with me on this (which I highly doubt).
    It's such a shame that a device and OS with so many capabilities and promise should fall so short in these basic areas.
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    Kind of random Quold ^^

    Anyway, back to the TOPIC of the thread. This sounds strange, lets see if we can't figure it out. When in a new blank text messaging window, what happens when you select the address book icon (upper right hand corner)?

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