This is a long shot, but is there any way to get the pre to subscribe to a calendar on the web that's NOT google calendar? I'm having issues getting my work calendar to sync... figured out how to get it onto a URL but am having the following problems:

1) Tried subscribing iCal to my work calendar via this URL, and then using spanning sync to get iCal to my Pre. It works, BUT any updates I make to my work calendar don't update on iCal for some reason (new events do sync up, but revised times/dates don't.)

2) Tried subscribing google calendar (via add URL) to my work cal URL, but am having a time zone issue (all of my appointments in google calendar show up 5 hours earlier than they should, and google calendar doesn't allow you to change the time zone on subscribed calendars.)

Trying to come up with a different solution, as I'm out of ideas and have tried trouble shooting the two issues above to no avail.