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    I forgot to charge my Pre last night and during a phone call today, the battery drained all the way down. This was the first time I've drained it all the way but I ran into some issues.

    I plugged the Pre into my wall outlet thinking a quick 3-minute charge would give it enough juice to at least turn on, but it didn't do anything. After 12 minutes, the Pre finally had enough power to turn itself on, indicating a charge of 3%. Is it supposed to take this long to restart after plugging in?

    Also, once it was turned on, I went ahead and called back the person I was talking too, thinking nothing of it since I had the phone connected to the wall outlet. However, I was only able to talk for 6 minutes before the battery died again. And I stress, this is while the phone is plugged into the wall outlet for charging.

    Is this normal? I've never had a phone that took more than 5 minutes of charging just to turn it on, and I've NEVER had a phone die on me while plugged into a charger. As it has been noted before, my phone got extremely hot during these times, so I imagine that didn't help.
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    I too am interested in this issue...has happened to me a couple times as well, fortunately not at important times, but 10-12 minutes to turn the phone back on is a little ridiculous. I haven't tried talking immediately after the phone came back on, but if you can't talk while charging, it would be a major issue...any speculation on if this is something that can be fixed with a software update?
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    When I had my iphone 3g it would take a few minutes (probably 10 or more) to become usable if it drained all the way down. That is not unusual imo, however, if I had it plugged in I never had an issue with it cutting out. The Pre's power requirements might be different and using the phone while charging might drain more power than the battery can keep up with. In the coming months as I put it through its paces, I'll know for sure.
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    There apparently is a post about these batteries not seating properly, and Sprint is doing battery replacements to fix this issue. In other words the battery isn't making contact correctly.
    It does seem like this phone drains battery faster than it can charge. Some people are reporting this replacement as fixing that issue.
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.

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