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    So, I exchanged my first pre because it had dead pixels. I got my second one, and it also had dead pixels! I figured I would just live with it until I noticed that the slider was very wobbly. I went to a SPRINT store in my area, and they would not give me a new phone. The salesperson I was talking to was VERY cocky and rude, so I became very cocky and rude lol. They told me to go to a different SPRINT store because they didn't have any in stock anyways. So I went to the other store, explained all my problems, and finally got a brand new pre fresh in the box. I just brought it home, and would like to say that it is absolutely PERFECT. The build quality is very firm and strong, and there is NOT ONE dead pixel on the screen. I am so happy and love this phone! IT IS PERFECT(knock on wood lol) but i'm currently purchasing a case online so that it will always be in new condition.
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    Lucky you.. I might go for 4
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    LOL I started a thread with the same exact title a few weeks back...
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    just got my third today....all seems well thus far.

    the power button on my second one didnt depress.

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