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    So the palm pre's apparently getting some emulation love now. Zodttd (the guy who makes the emus for the iphone) is currently in the process of making a playstation emulator for the pre that not only looks great but according to Zodttd performs better than the playstation emulator he created for the 3GS. So with this better performance do you think the pre will become the new standard for mobile emulation?

    I'd post a link but i can't :/. There's an article about it on engadget.
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    Thanks for posting the link
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    But, but, but - Gaming, and especially 3D gaming is NOT POSSIBLE ON WEBOS! Hehe
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    Wow. This is awesome to see. Now we know that we can and will see some awesome games/3D on the Pre.

    And they say it's faster than the 3GS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by poopsie View Post
    But, but, but - Gaming, and especially 3D gaming is NOT POSSIBLE ON WEBOS! Hehe
    Yeah but we haven't seen any 3D games on WebOS...only on a rooted Pre using its Linux core. When someone gets one of these emulators running in a WebOS that will be amazing.
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    this is kinda a big deal.

    3d gaming actually utilizing the 3d power of the Power VR SGX chip it shares with the iphone 3GS, finally. Its amazing this guy did this, and honestly if they could this to play anytime, anywhere with a rom file, would be the first killer app for the Pre homebrew scene.

    As the preWiki hardware site says- "Lets bust this beast open"- indeed you have.
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    This is soooo friggen awesome!! I am soo playin ff7 again on my pre someday.

    Link to the mans page who is responsible for this wonderful app.
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    God damn. Now THIS is when we need more space on our Pre. FFVII is like 2-3gb (no you won't always have such a big game, but still)

    Still, 100% awesome. PLAYSTATION!? Who would have thought!? I wonder what the chances now are of N64?

    All I REALLY need though are SNES and NES. Maybe GBA for good measure!

    Cheers to Zodttd
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    Huge rod here!
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    This type of stuff is where hardware keyboard wins.
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    Yeah, but I don't know how practical it would be for me to have to kill all the phone portions of the OS to run the emulator. Hopefully we eventually learn how to draw to a card directly or at least code in a key combination that would shut the emulator off and start the graphical OS back up automatically rather than having to restart the phone entirely or have access to a laptop.

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