View Poll Results: My Pre has Developed a Crack. [Located]

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  • Near the USB Charger Door

    189 53.54%
  • Someplace else on the Body

    40 11.33%
  • On the Screen

    41 11.61%
  • I have No Cracks.

    116 32.86%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    Wow, is the Pre really a glacier that melts very slowly? Hairline cracks everywhere...
    It's called bad design.
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    I just typed 'Crack' in the search tool, and I found 5 recent threads that talked about cracks near the Usb Charging door. So it for sure isn't an isolated issue.

    Just call me Berd.
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    So, to confirm, you have already called the Phone Voice Support team and your Advance Exchange phone is on it's way to you right now free of charge?

    Quote Originally Posted by david7598 View Post
    i thought i was one of the lucky ones. i had a perfectly built pre. i had little to no oreo effect and have had not a single problem with the phone. i was originally going to contact palm to get a new usb door as it kept falling out but about 2 days ago a small crack appeared by the usb door (common defect???) so i chatted with palm today....this is what they said...

    12:50 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway:
    12:50 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    12:52 PM Support session established with Rafter.

    12:52 PM Rafter: Hello David.
    12:52 PM Rafter: Thank you for contacting Palm, this is Rafter.
    12:52 PM David Woodard: hi
    12:52 PM Rafter: I understand that your phone cracked at the USB door.
    12:53 PM Rafter: Am I correct?
    12:53 PM David Woodard: yes
    12:53 PM Rafter: Thank you for the confirmation.
    12:53 PM Rafter: I can help you with the issue.
    12:53 PM David Woodard: ok
    12:54 PM Rafter: Could you let me know when exactly have you purchased the device?
    12:54 PM David Woodard: back in august
    12:54 PM Rafter: Okay.
    12:54 PM Rafter: Thank you for that information.
    12:54 PM Rafter: How did the screen crack exactly happened?
    12:57 PM David Woodard: the screen hasnt cracked yet...but im sure it going to assume the crack happened by the usb door from taking the phone in and out of my pocket.....i just noticed it 2 days ago...i have never dropped my phone...and from what i read on the internet my phone was very solid compared to other palm pres. i had no oreo effect and there was not one thing wrong with my phone which makes me mad cuz i know my new pre wont be the same. and will i be getting a new pre or a refurb.
    12:57 PM Rafter: Please give me three minutes while I work on this issue.
    12:57 PM David Woodard: k
    1:00 PM Rafter: Thank you for staying on hold.
    1:01 PM David Woodard: your welcome
    1:02 PM Rafter: Not to worry, I will go ahead and process a service repair order for you. But you will get a refurbished device which will be under good condition.
    1:02 PM Rafter: Here are the repair options :
    1:02 PM Rafter: The advance exchange option is $29.95 USD. Within 3-5 business days after you submit an advance exchange request, Palm sends you a refurbished device along with instructions on how to ship the faulty device back to us. This way, you wonít be
    without a device.
    1:02 PM Rafter: Since this seems to be a hardware issue, I am going to tell you about our repair options:

    Repair return: After I create your service repair order, you receive an email with the details on how and where to ship your device for repair. The email also contains info on the follow-up process. After the repair center receives your device, youíll receive a working device in another 5-7 business days.

    NOTE : The device you receive back might not be your original device; the repair center makes this decision based on the defect, availability, and the repair timeframe.
    1:03 PM Rafter: Would you like to go with Advance Exchange or repair & Return?
    1:03 PM David Woodard: why must i pay for something that is a common defect for this phone. palm is the one that said this a common defect of the phone
    1:04 PM Rafter: The cost is only for the Advance Exchange process.
    1:04 PM David Woodard: but it shouldnt cost me anything
    1:05 PM Rafter: But if you go for advance Exchange Palm will in turn send you working device this way you will not be without a device.
    1:05 PM Rafter: But for the Repair & Return process there is only shipping charges included when you send the defective device to Palm and it takes 5-7 business days.
    1:06 PM Rafter: Shall we proceed with Repair & Return process?
    1:06 PM David Woodard: im going back to at&t this as a bunch of crap
    1:07 PM Rafter: Iím sorry for any trouble this may have caused.
    1:07 PM Rafter: But you will get a refurbished device which will be in good condition.
    1:08 PM David Woodard: thats fine. but i shouldnt have to pay for something thats not my fault. its a common defect of the phone. so it should be replaced for free
    1:08 PM Rafter: I can understand your concern.
    1:09 PM Rafter: The cost is only for the Advance Exchange process.
    1:10 PM David Woodard: im not concerned palm should be concerned with people getting rid of their pre cuz the build quality is crappy. i was one of the lucky ones with a perfectly built pre. i want a refurb pre and i want it now and i will not pay a dime for it
    1:11 PM Rafter: Okay.
    1:11 PM Rafter: Well there are only two options in order to replace your device.
    1:12 PM Rafter: It is Repair and Return and other is Advanced exchange.
    1:12 PM David Woodard: i want advanced exchange....but im not gonna pay for it. thats a bunch of crap
    1:12 PM Rafter: Okay.
    1:13 PM Rafter: Contact our phone support and they will let you know the complete details about the Advanced Exchange. They will help you in processing the Advanced Exchange.
    1:13 PM Rafter: Shall I provide their phone number to you?
    1:13 PM David Woodard: yes
    1:13 PM Rafter: You can contact our Phone Voice Support team at: 877-426-3777. Support is available Mon-Fri from 6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM PST and Sat-Sun from 8:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST.

    1:13 PM Rafter: Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    1:14 PM David Woodard: k thanks
    1:14 PM Rafter: Hereís the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number# 46967154. Keep this number as a record of this chat, and if you need to call our Voice Support team or contact us again for this same issue, please refer to this number.
    1:14 PM Rafter: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    1:14 PM David Woodard: no thank you
    1:14 PM Rafter: Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. A customer survey will pop up once the chat ends. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

    i thought it was a bunch of crap how palm was going to charge me to replace my phone when the crack is their fault. i know im not the only one with the cracking issue. ive had my pre since early august with a build date of july 31 2009. i would never really switch to at&t....i was just trying to hit him where it the end my phone gets exchanged for free
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  5. glenada's Avatar
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    Does anyone believe a wireless sync with Web OS Quick Install is possible? That would cut down on the cracks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by david7598 View Post
    great. now take those instances and plug that number into the total number of phones sold.

    not a big deal.
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    daveChelios.... yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by david7598 View Post
    I missed merging that one.
    It's now merged with the other 5 threads.

    In just that quick search I found 5 recent threads.
    I don't have a Pre, so I may be less apt to see when there is a repeated crack issue.

    We had quite an issue with cracks in early production Treo Pros.
    I think Palm got a handle on it. Maybe certain batches had plastic that was more brittle than others.

    Toolkit (Moderator) ended up creating a poll so we could see just how widespread the issue was.

    Many posted pics so we could see how evident it really was.

    I'm going to add a poll to this thread.

    Just call me Berd.
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    I got one that extended from the corner of the usb cover to the screen after 6 months of use. They replaced it, I just picked up the new phone today.
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    dont sit on them and they dont crack... you guys mess up your phones and then expect someone else to pay the tab
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    I finally took my work pre into sprint for an exchange because the area where the usb cover is attached broke loose and cracked from the usb onto the screen. Three different stores told me that It is physical damage and I must contact Asurion. I finally called up sprint and they told me basically the same thing. I really questioned coming back to sprint because of the poor customer service I received 10 years ago but I gave them a shot and once again got burned. I do have a droid with verizon which I use for personal use but I guess I will need to use it for work until the pre comes out with them. I love the pre but I refuse to pay a hundred bux for a defect. The only thing that sucks about verizon is the darn monthly charges but I'd rather pay twice as much and get decent service than the crap I have gotten from Sprint. Long story short, Sprint just got my etf and wont get another dime for me. Praying the pre comes out soon on Verizon. Gonna miss it :|
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    Screens crack, my friend's cracked his iphone screen, phones get dropped, sat on and abused, just a fact of life.
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    looks to me like the ones with cracks have had a hard object like a knife forced under the charging port door and pried on... when all you have to do is slide the pre open and the door can be opened quite easily
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    I am on my 4th Pre and ugh this is crazy I love the device just have to get out of it SOON cause I refuse to make a frequent visit to the Service and Repair to be told its PHYSICAL DAMAGE!
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    I have the exact same crack on my phone. The sprint repair stores said the same BS when I showed it to them, "user damage." Clearly the crack is coming from the inside, and I refuse to pay for it. I contacted Sprint, and after a whole lot of hooplah, they credited my account $100, and I ordered a replacement from Asurion. However the replacement they sent me had a dead pixel, so I sent that one back and they are sending me another one. If this new one has the same problem, I am going to talk to a manager and make sure they send me a BRAND NEW one in the box. Rule of thumb I live by, always get what you paid for. In the end, someone will always be able to help you. More updates to come....
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    I recently discovered I have a crack at the USB door. It looks just like the ones pictured here. I put a small drop of superglue on it hoping it would keep it from spreading to the screen but it did not help. Its now up to the edge of the screen. Pre was bought at the end of June.

    I have taken good care of it, it has never been dropped and with the touch stone I hardly use the USB port at all.

    Warranty date code is 06/11/2009
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    im starting to get a usb crack thats getting bigger everyday i didnt notice it until i took my invisble sheild off....i know taking it to sprint is prob a waste of time and no i dont have insurance and its well past my 30 days. Im gonna call palm but the only problem is i droped my phone before and theres a chip in the phone i was wondering will palm still take the phone back and not blame it on "me droping it" and make me pay full price
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    Calling Palm and speaking to a representative is the recommended approach, and here's a rundown of what will happen and the options you will be given.

    When you do find the Palm support contact number, pick option 2. (I would find it and post it here, but then I'd be taking the fun out of it for you ) Once you select that option and are connected to an agent, stress that you think your USB port has a crack in it due to a manufacturer's error as opposed to you dropping it. After the agent has listened to your sob story very touching tale, they will tell you:

    1.) If you are willing to have a $400 hold placed on a credit/debit card, they will be able to send you a replacement Pre within 2-3 business days, and you can send your Pre to Palm for repairs. If it is determined that your Pre has a warranty defect, your Pre will be fixed for free. If not, you will have to pay for repairs (I believe the amount is about $200). If you don't return the Pre once you get yours back, say goodbye to your $400.

    2.) If you are willing to go phoneless for a while, Palm will allow you to ship your Pre to them, provided you are willing to pay $29.99 to do so. (The agent may wave this fee) You'll get a nice envelope, deposit your Pre inside it, and ship it off. After Palm receives it, if they determine it's a warranty defect, congrats, its fixed for free. If not? They want around $200.

    Option 3? You're screwed, buddy.

    Oh, and they may say something about charging for "wear and tear" as well.

    Hope this is helpful.

    BTW: I hope this doesn't come across as snarky, just wanted to give you a realistic rundown of what will happen.
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    I just my new phone from sprint for this problem. Was no issue at all. Walked in they checked it and ordered a replacement. I would give it a try. I am well out of 30 days too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccureton View Post
    I just my new phone from sprint for this problem. Was no issue at all. Walked in they checked it and ordered a replacement. I would give it a try. I am well out of 30 days too.

    I did the same thing, and ended up spending the better part of 4 hours working Palm and Sprint, finally just to get a refurb.

    Results may vary, kids.
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