View Poll Results: My Pre has Developed a Crack. [Located]

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  • Near the USB Charger Door

    189 53.54%
  • Someplace else on the Body

    40 11.33%
  • On the Screen

    41 11.61%
  • I have No Cracks.

    116 32.86%
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  1. imex99's Avatar
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    Launch Pre, my usb cover just fell off...No cracks but the cover just fell off last night.

    The funny thing is I charge it 100% bu TS and only use USB for transfers and hacks.
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    Add my Pre to the list. Launch day Pre, never dropped or abused. Crack showed up 2 days ago
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    Just take the USB door off if your going to use it all the time. Mines been off for 4 months and works great. I connect it to my PC everyday at work and no cracks for me so far.

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    why wait until it gets worse? if you wait and bad luck hits you and you drop it and scuff it, they may say it user induced and you are out of luck. a crack going that direction looks like it will go straight across. must not be enough (if any) ribbed supports on the other side of the covers.

    Quote Originally Posted by bluemusic4us View Post
    I've handled this phone gently and never dropped it. Had it just 60 days now.
    I guess this will only get bigger. Don't know if I should take it in now, or wait for it to get worse.
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    Happened to my launch day Pre about 6 weeks after I'd gotten it. I took it back to Sprint and they would only give me a refurb =/

    But, knock on wood that refurb has been working perfectly ever since.
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    Been there done that. I exchanged mine since. I had the crack and the door fell off. This phone and the build quality sucks. I take good care of my phone and have had 3 hardware issues.
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    I had the crack by the USB port this week. Today I went to Spring and they exchanged my phone. They said it is a known issue.
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    I can't wait until I get stress induced cracks
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    Great thread title....
    I too have a broken/crack on my pre though cannot tell from the limited replies to my post just how often it is happening to Palm Pre owners but will give you my take on it all.

    1. I wonder if this site has started to track just how many of use are having this issue? If not then it would be a great stickly thread (I would think) for all of us to see, if indeed this an 'issue' with the Palm Pre....we could all post where/what the crack on our phones looked like.

    2. If the site does not have a way to track such things, not saying it is there job mine you, then I do not have a clue how the users can know for sure if: the Pre has issues, that many of use are experiencing but are not aware many others are as well.

    3. I called sprint today after being turned down at the corp store the day prior for a return. Darn if I felt it right to shell out $100 to replace a phone for what I feel is a manufactoring defect. Heck all my palm treos were rock solid...even if the weighed as much as a rock Long story short Sprint agreed to send me a replacement and it should be here Tuesday.

    4. I also wonder if that oreo effect some of our phones have have anything to do with that stress crack issue?(my 2nd one I'm using now did the day I got it...replaced the 1st on the the 29th day since it turned off by itself but that was before sprint knew of the lose battery issue).

    Before calling them I did order a palm treo pro for $200 from (when though it is winmobile) just in case (unlocked phone) and guess I will now cancel that order tomorrow but it would not make me happy if it happens yet again to the next pre I get after 30 to 60 days. It is more important that I have a phone that won't break due to design issues then it is for me to have the webos that palm came out with.

    Almost want to keep the treo pro coming next week as a 2nd line just to be safe but that would be too expensive with data but if the treo pro wifi works without data plan (would guess it does) I could live with that so maybe just a monthly charge as a 2nd phone line and port my home phone # over to it. Heck it does read pdf files at least but realiaze there is a lot a treo pro does not do that a pre does.

    If a lot of us are all having the same crack by the usb port then it is not like any of us are tossing it on the ground to make it happen right.

    You can see a thread that will link to a pix here.

    Best of luck but heck no, I would not accept Sprint saying you have to pay $100 for the insurance deductable when I feel their equipment is at fault and I don't think they would be giving me the replacement unless they too felt they are having issues with structure of that area by the usb port. Ok, off my soap box.
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    I know its cliche to say on PreCentral that I love my Pre (or is it the other way around) but I do. Its a great phone and I have been a proud owner since launch.

    BUT i have never babied a phone like I have this one. I have only dropped this phone once and luckily it was onto my rug. So I'm a little angry to see the same USB crack, many of you are seeing, pop up a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, I will try Sprint eventually and hope that their continually improving customer service takes care of the situation. Oh and good luck to everyone else.
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    I had to write to cust service before they would switch mines, I had the same crack they said it was user damage the only "known" crack was by the silver button. on front of screen
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    I had the same exact crack two months ago with a launch day Pre. Sprint made me go through Asurion saying it was my issue. They made me pay the $100 deductable but then reimbursed my account. So in a roundabout way they are admitting that it is a known issue. I have also babied this device more than any other I have ever owned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bipoler View Post
    I just got mines exchanged for same issue....They told me to make sure EVERY TIME I open the USB port to make sure I have the phone slide open etc and don't drop it etc.
    Do I understand that when opening the USB port door, we are supposed to have the phone slide open (keyboard out)? Is this something new, I didn't know about this!

    I bought my Pre from Best Buy at the end of June, less than a month after launch. The same crack described here started appearing in late September, and spread onto the screen cover in less than two weeks. Just for the Hell of it, I took it to Best Buy, and the staff there accepted the phone as an exchange and gave me a new one God bless 'em! Oddly, the build quality on my new phone (presumably built in late September) doesn't seem quite as good to me as the build on my original phone built shortly after launch, but it's not a life-or-death difference.

    I decided it was best to go with Touchstones for charging, which meant I had to abandon my beloved Seidio extended battery. So I now have Touchstones at home and at work, and only use the USB port when I need to transfer files from my computer. Annoying and expensive (I got the smaller extended Seidio battery as well as a second Touchstone) experience from a crappy design.
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    had same problem here -> 30 days and insurance = they gave me a refurb one looks basically new
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    Where are you guys getting it exchanged. Yesterday I went to the sprint store they said 100 same thing with *2. 1.5 months into my contract if I want to cancel it would be more cost effective now that the crack has yet to reach the screen as I can sell the phone for the price of the ETF (or close anyway). I want this fixed but paying a months service when my phone will be at palm for half the month is just a waste of money. Is there an alternative? I will post pictures later its like the OP just smaller.
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    Add me to the list ... I purchased my pre on launch day and noticed the crack today. I never had any issues (hardware or software) with this phone. The crack hasn't made it to the screen yet. Looks like I may be getting a refurb soon :-(
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    i had the same crack.. babyed the phone big time.. i wnt to the sprint store.. they told me to go through asurion.. asurion was gonna charge me.. so.. i called sprint.. and complained cuz i allready paid a big price for the phone.. now i gotta pay another 100 dollars to get the same phone where i may have the same issue.. told them that it is a known problem.. they said they dont know about it..

    Ithen said.. that if i have to pay another 100 dollars for this phone.. then i am gonna take that 100 bux.. put it towards my cancellation charge.. and go to another company for cell service..

    needless to say.. they offered refund of the 100 dollars.. make sure they mark it on the account.. got my "brand new" pre in 2 days.. and when i say brand new.. it was brand new.. got it from asurion..
  18. nullr's Avatar
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    Way to be a ******. Took me about 5 minutes to find this and many other threads. Also implying the basic knowledge of search engine usage means no social life at all. That just points out how much of an ***** you are. Sure its almost 3 months later and the problem becomes more obvious. Not really into forums much but im pretty sure the idiots get mocked all the time don't take it personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hey_zeus View Post
    I preformed a search before I posted this thread and it did not post any of the threads and/or posts that you "kind" people offered.

    And since I didn't feel like reading through a few hundred thousand threads, I made this topic.

    Unlike some of you, I have better things to do then spend the entirety of my day in a forum created to talk about a cell phone.

    But keep up the good work, guys, that way if someone creates a thread that has been posted previously you can be right there to mock them. I bet your life kicks ***.

    That is what you call an overreaction....
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    Went to a different sprint store today. Nice guy said it was common and solve the issue painlessly should have gone to that store first.

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