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  • Near the USB Charger Door

    189 53.54%
  • Someplace else on the Body

    40 11.33%
  • On the Screen

    41 11.61%
  • I have No Cracks.

    116 32.86%
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    I'm on my third Pre in eight months. First one just quit ringing after about two weeks. Sprint replaced it because it was within 30 days.

    The next one cracked at the USB hub just like everyone else's. Sprint tells me that it's structural damage and not their problem, even though it's obviously a known issue. Palm says they don't replace/repair structural damage. So, I pay the $100 insurance deductible with Sprint to get a refurb. Guess what? After a month, the screen is cracked in exactly the same place.

    I love this phone. But I'm done. I can't believe that neither Palm nor Sprint will accept responsibility for this issue. This is NOT users being rough on their phones. I treat mine like an egg. As soon as the EVO 4g comes out, we're done with Palm forever -- personally and for business.
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    I had the crack at the usb port that spread to the screen. Sprint claimed it was cosmetic damage and would not replace it. I called Palm and asked for warranty repalcement as a design flaw and after repeated questions from the Palm rep that this was the ONLY thing wrong with the Pre they repalced it.
    I could not get them to wave the advance replacement fee, but I gladly paid $30 instead of $100 and had a phone 100% of the time (you can mail it in for no fee).
    Like all things with customer service, it depends on the rep you get. There is always the hang up and try again method...
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    The outside case of my Palm Pre Plus from Verizon Wireless just cracked today. Palm's warranty states "...EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not apply (1) to damage to the surface of the product, including cracks or scratches on the LCD touchscreen or outside casing;...". The local Verizon Wireless store will not provide a free replacement of the unit even though it is about 30 days old. The crack originated from a stress fracture usually found on plastic products with poor design parameters (the corner at the bottom of the recess is too sharp for the thickness of the case at that point). The crack begins near where the round hole is located. The hole is used to accept the stem of the small cover protecting the receptacle required for the battery charger tip. The crack ends about one-eight of an inch away from screen (and who knows if it will stop there?). Gee, I wonder what happens next?
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    the crack will spread...I love the Pre but I'm on my 4th since October 16th '09(Original Pre).Luckily the two Sprint stores I go to in Portland OR(one downtown , the othe on SE 82nd)are very good about either fixing issues or giving me a replacement w/o problems

    1st-Bricked First night

    2nd-Crack started and spread from charger

    **On exchange the "cloud" screwed me and lost a bunch of my tasks and new contact.Luckily I still had my Centro so I could manually enter some lost data but now I had duplicate contacts I had to go thru and erase(I had been backing pre up manuall as well as the daily backups since I had it....why didnt they put a usb card slot in the Pre???!!!)

    3rd-Volume w/go down by itself causing me to miss calls/notifications, etc & Audio issues w/headphones-sound going from ear to ear

    **Cloud at first screwd me again...and this time would've been bad since I'd inputted much more improtant data since my last exchange...However Sprint put me on the phome w/Palm and they were able to "push" my data from my last backup(which was minutes before I walked into store to exchange phone...and automatically everyday before that)

    4th-Everything good but starting this afternoon I cant download/update any Apps???....Hopefully its only a temporary issue???
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    I've got the infamous crack my self now...but the kicker is my touchscreen will not work unless its plugged in. I'm so effing PO'ed right now...this is my 2nd one, and what now moving on to a 3rd one??? They were on to something w/ the WebOS but the design is looking more and more like a FAIL! Obviously a design flaw yet the company can't admit to it??? Signs of a struggling company, one that can't literally afford to admint falt..tisk tisk. I'll try and get another one ASAP.

    EVO 4G where are you???
    Me and my Pre... Its a love hate relationship
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    I have a crack at the USB door, then I have another crack on my screen. It really sux, the build quality on this phone is junk.
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    @'re being too nice...heh
    Me and my Pre... Its a love hate relationship
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    I took the advise of another user... developed a crack @ usb ... Touched it a few times with a Soldering Iron.. so far so good..
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    just noticed a damn crack @ usb
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    I've had my Pre for 4 months. Noticed crack by usb door 2 months ago. Let it go and this week I started losing the touchscreen response after I plugged or unplugged the usb cable. It finally went completely. Took the phone to sprint and they said they wiill replace. They claim that there is a new reinforced case.
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