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    Well, I had to wait until June 29th to cancel my AT&T serverice since that's when I bought the original iPhone.

    Anyway, I just called them to port over my number and, apart from the rep reading the wrong number to me several times, it went pretty smoothly.

    She said I'd have to wait until about 5pm CST for it to start working.
    When I hung up with her I called my work number and saw my ported number, so I tried calling the ported number and my Pre rang.

    So instead of about 4 hours, it took about 5 minutes... nice!
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    My girlfriend ported over from AT&T to sprint, and it only took about 5 minutes as well. It's awesome when it works well.
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    My porting went horribly wrong. I waited 4 hours and nothing happened, but it was rather late so I waited until the next day to try to fix it. On Sunday, I wasted over 2 hours on the phone and they never fixed it - in fact, the tech support person bricked my phone. I had no internet or phone connectivity and the tech person had me do a complete reset of my phone - when the phone came back up, it was stuck in the initial log in screen. From that screen, you can only create/log-in to a palm profile or call customer service/emergency. However, I had no connection to any network so it wouldn't let me past that log-in point, and you can't gain access to the keypad to input some code to access service menus (it immediately exits out of keypad once you end a call with customer service/emergency). I was transferred to advance tech support and he tells me that I should have come there first - shouldn't the Sprint reps have known to transfrer Pre tech support to advance techs? I was told to take it to a store.

    At the store, I waited 2 hours and it was a no go. First they lost my name in the que, which meant I had a 40+ minute wait time just to talk to someone and it would have been longer if I hadn't asked why I haven't helped yet. Then another hour later, the tech support guys couldn't do anything so they gave me a new Pre, which I didn't want because my original Pre had few issues. It was closing time so I had to leave without testing the new Pre in store.

    The new Pre was much more loose for the slider and had an annoying yellow/white splot near the bottom of the screen, above the area where most Pres have light bleeding. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased so I returned it the next day. My 3rd Pre is okay, no apparent dead pixels, slider only slightly wiggles 1mm, and just normal light bleeding on the bottom, albeit the left corner bleeds alot more light than my original Pre.

    Sigh, wish I had been able to hold onto my original Pre. But the 3rd Pre is good enough to keep without any more return hell. Up until the porting fiasco, I was actually quite pleased with Sprint's service and the Pre. At least before my porting started, I got customer service to give me Pick 3 for free since I had a similar Friends and Family deal for free with Verizon.

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