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    Due to recent law changes in class action cases the damages must exceed $5,000,000. And in many states the consumer (plaintif) has more favor, but the company (defendant) is able to get the case moved to federal court where it is more likely to be in favor of the defendant. But thats all dependant of your state. So before you demand a class action law suit you should read up on your states laws about them.

    As for the dead/stuck pixels, You should know their is a difference between the two. Stuck pixels will fix themselves over time or can be fixed by a few methods. Dead pixels usually occur in clusters. Where a stuck pixel is just a sub pixel not working properly. Tv manufacturers dont even bother to deal with dead pixels unless it meets certain criteria. So good luck with that arguement.

    Besides the dead pixels and maybe the battery getting extremely hot, which those claims have died down in the recent weeks. Most of the "oreo twist" and wobbley screens/sliders. The phone it self will become loose overtime. If anyone has had a slider or swivel phone you would know this. The reason they seem to get bigger is people constantly poiting out that "this" gap is there. This goes hand in hand with the "sharp" edge to cut cheese which gizmodo created. If the reviewer wasnt an iphone user that "problem" wouldnt even existed. Really most of this is annoying and causing me and probably alot of other people to not even bother checking the forums which once were full of intelligent induviduals and now its trolls fanboys and people who shouldnt have a smartphone.

    Technology and electronics are far to advanced to test out every bug and every flaw. If you expect perfection from every device and cant live with a stuck or dead pixel, you should probably just give up on technology. just remember **** HAPPENS!
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    FWIW - Am I in that minority who bought a Pre on launch day and have had No bad pixels, no wobbly slider, no sticky keys, no slow response, no problems with the ringer, no issues at all (except for a configuration error that left an email unsent, over and over)?

    I am very happy, and will be even happier as new apps arrive that put the iPhone to shame.

    As a side note though, my friend is on his 3rd Pre... he is one of those anal peeps who checked his screen with a magnifying glass and returned #1 for a single bad pixel, #2 because it was wobbly (I didn't notice it), and #3 because he rooted the thing and messed up the OS. I don't call ANY of those show stoppers - but based on he and I, that is a 4 to 1 BAD ratio. No wonder "All of the Pre's are bad"
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