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    I'm about to be on my 4th pre. The issues are not overblown. My 1st 2 Pres had horrible screen problems and my 3rd pre shuts off randomly along with having minor screen problems. This phone is very annoying but works well when not shutting off randomly and when free of conspicuous screen issues.
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    Just to qualify, I wouldn't call my Pre's battery life great, but it has improved greatly. At first I couldn't get through a 10 hr. work day without charging. Now, unless I'm using the GPS I can easily make it. I'm usually on the road at least 75% of the time, listening to podcasts, replying to email, twittering, checking the map, and some minor web surfing. I picked up a car charger that keeps up with the battery drain with GPS.
    I guess the bottom line is: I've never had a smart phone before, and I'm damn happy that I waited for the Pre.
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    The Pre build quality is fine. I bought mine on launch day and no problems at all. Slider is not loose, no dead pixels, etc. I agree with the OP that those who are happy with their phones simply aren't vocal enough about it. I'd buy this phone over an iPhone any day. I have a iPod Touch, anyway, so best of both worlds.

    Every post on engadget starts with someone bashing the Pre for build quality. Pre bashing seems to be in style right now.
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    While I am having problems with multiple Pres, I'd still take it over any crappy iphone, especially since I want to stay with Sprint. The screen issues I've had really just get in the way of watching movies without being distracted. I will definitely hassle Palm on the phone until I get a decent Pre, I'm done wasting time at the Sprint store with clueless employees.
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    It's a retail philosophy but as far as I'm concerned it holds true just about everywhere.

    When somebody is unhappy they will tell 10 people. When they are happy you'll be lucky they tell 1. How often have you returned to Amazon or wherever to positively review a product you bought? How often have you returned to bad-mouth a product?
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    Well, since we all know the Internetz is only good for p0rn and drama, and this site has no nuditity..... you can figure it out.
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    +1 my hardware is great
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorinlynx View Post
    We have the Apple fanboys who are making things up to make the Pre look bad
    I doubt this. The Pre has a body that splits into two with a sliding mechanism and is a first generation product. That is inherently less stable and solid that a device with no moving parts, iPhone or not. Secondly, any evidence of someone who pretended to have a Pre only to say that the hardware sucked? Personally, I played with a Pre in a Sprint store for a long time. I liked it a lot, but it's no where near as solid as my iPhone. That's a trade off, and I find it hard to believe some people dispute it.

    and on top of that, most people don't comment when they are happy with a product.
    This is true. This is the nature of internet forums. People come when they're either dissatisfied with a product or enthused.

    Quote Originally Posted by mojuice
    While I am having problems with multiple Pres, I'd still take it over any crappy iphone
    Great post. Bravo.
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