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    I have a Verizon 700p and Sprint Centro. Both have taken a physical beating but work fine (darn near indestructible). I sorta want to keep the centro for it's unique design (I also have two dead 650s). I think I could maybe get $100 for both and I have TON of accessories.

    I've been sorta collecting them, but the wife would love to see some cash offset the loads I'm spending on Touchstones, skins, holsters and eventually apps.

    I have a Palm III, Palm Vx, Kyocera 7135, two 650s in my collection as well. Do I grow my museum or part with them for the cash?
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    What does your heart tell you to do
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    Seel 'em!

    Or you could put them in a glass case and keep them on your desk. Nothing says geek like a guy who keeps a mobile phone fossil record.
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    Dude... their phones. Old outdated phones. I say try to get any $$$ for them. Keep 1 (whatever works with your current provider) as a backup if your current phone dies and you need a instant replacement and ditch the rest.

    I've got a 755p in-case my pre goes down. My other phones are gone.
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    Donate them. You can donate them to a number of organizations that can find uses for them, like COP (Citizens on Patrol), Cell Phones For Soldiers, etc. You probably won't get much for them anyhow as they are pretty depreciated in value and demand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcigary View Post
    COP (Citizens on Patrol)
    I thought that only existed in the movie Police Academy???
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    Sprint has the buyback program. They happily paid me for my 2 755p's.
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    How much did you get for the 755s?
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    I'm holding onto my Trusty TX until the apps I use every day are available for my Pre.
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    sell'em.. cash in hand is much better then aging technology...
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    the one reason to consider keeping them is for a backup. If you lose your pre or its broken you can reactivate them and keep on going while you shop for a replacement. My wife broke her centro with about 1 month before the pre was coming out so we reactivated some old sanyo phone for her to use for 1 month while we were waiting. Very convenient.
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    I gave my Centro to my step-son. He needed a better phone than the one he had.
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    OK, I'll "seel" my 700p and keep the Centro as a backup. Guess I'm more of a geek than I thought. Live and learn.
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    I switched to verizon to get the pre and was going to sell my centro to help pay for the pre, low and behold its going for 130 BNIB! Jack **** used, so FML, sell your ****!
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    Seel it, I just seeled my Curve on Ebay. I was waiting long before I decided I wasn't going bay.
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    sell the 700p, keep the centro. God forbid you need a phone in a pinch. The Centro is solid, reliable and fairly small. Worth keeping in case of emergency. The 700p, not so much
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    How much did you get for the 755p?
    $50 each.

    I may have gotten more on eBay, but Sprint was fast and simple. They even paid for shipping. So...
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    sprint gave me $50 for my 755p...i wish i would have kept it. I miss it. Im on my 3rd Pre already and i can almost see through the middle of this one. Looks like a 4th will be coming shortly

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