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    Greetings everyone, I have been lurking for quite a while, but I have a major problem and hope someone can help.

    Since the update to 1.0.4 when I load a page in the browser, the refresh icon is refreshing constantly, and the URL says Access Control with a lock symbol. No matter what I do, which site, how long I leave it, it just keeps going and going. I have a D-Link router, and will presently point my finger at the router.

    Any suggestions?

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    Have you rebooted the phone and the router?
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    I've had all kinds of strange issues with my D-Link router and finally gave in and just bought a time capsule to add to our Mac family. As far as your issue - just to take the phone out as a possible cause - is there an alternative WiFi signal thats "close by" you can "borrow" just to see if it's your Wifi or not? I'm almost sure it might be your D-Link router based on my many headaches with my own (upgrading xbox firmware, upgrading Tivo firmware, etc etc)
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    I've always had router issues until I got a router that I could flash with WW-DRT or Tomato firmware. Never looked back, even when rockin' 1.8 Mb/sec through 4 computers all doing different torrents.
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    sounds like your dlink is redirecting you to the access control "access denied" page. Do you have some type of mac filtering or ip address filtering on your router. Dlinks usually keep pretty decent logs, newer ones anyway, check there.
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    Um, troll much?

    I do find it funny that so many people are willing to help *it* even though it's not a real complaint. Shows more about our community than anything else.

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