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    You guys kinda named all my top choices but heres a couple of rare ones i kinda miss the ability to hang up a call when you made it by mistake prior to it calling out... it seems that with my pre regardless of how fast i close the dialer the call is still made... Also when it was sluggish on certain apps like on the text message i would begin typing away and when the app would catch up what i had typed up would appear on screen (so didn't feel like a delay at all
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    I had an airport directory from that was saved on my device as web pages. Blazer from the old palm os could open and save web pages locally. This was nice while flying my plane because it won't connect to the internet when you are above about 10,000ft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitesmoke View Post
    #1 notification alerts (esp with butler)
    #2 notification alerts (esp with butler)
    #3 notification alerts (esp with butler)
    Ditto to this one!
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    I had a 700P for about a year before I moved on to a Moto Q9C for two months, and now to the Pre. Thing I missed most when I moved to the Q9C was the lack of an external LED so I'd know there was some sort of notification waiting. When I saw the Pre had at least some sort of external lighting, I was hoping I'd get that back, but ... nope. Still have to turn the display on to check for notifications. Seems kind of silly to not have a way to know, if you've stepped away from the phone, that you've got a message waiting without turning the screen on.
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    I've come directly from a 650 GSM which I bought in 2005 and used for 1555 consecutive days without fail.

    I miss the calendar reminder options: being able to input an integer and specify the units of time for the reminder.

    I also miss the birthday reminder option in a contact's details. WebOS allows you to specify a birthday but doesn't have a reminder for them yet as far as I can tell (sorry, grandma!).
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    D pad and phone answer/hang up buttons. I think the new android phones got the phone buttons right.
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    Hey Guys... this thread has been great for me. I'm currently running a Treo680 (GSM) and am on the fence as to taking the leap for a Pre. I didn't realize all of the things I'd miss. I think the one major thing I'd miss if I move to the Pre from a GSM version of the Treo would be the ability to swap my SIM card into another phone if I want to use something else. If my Pre was having issues, or if I simply was going fishing and would rather take a more rugged (older) Moto phone out on the water (or into a harsher environment of some sort), I would miss being able to simply swap the SIM card into another phone until I was ready to use the Pre again.

    Maybe it's me.. but I'm reaaallly having a hard time taking the plung just for that one item... and now after reading this thread, I see many more reasons to wait for the 2nd Generation of Pre to hit next year.

    Am I being too picky, or has anyone else had these thoughts?
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    Had Treo 750 last and one thing especially I miss is being able to see on the today screen that I had emails and just click once to see what they were and important or not and then click to delete any I did not want. I had SPB (sp?) shell on there and not the regular today page. I had switched not too long ago from the Centro to the Treo 750, so I am able to switch some of my old palm os apps over to Classic, which I guess is spendy but everything about the Pre so far has cost me $$. Looking forward to customizing the Pre when more apps come out.
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    I mainly miss copy/paste (god, I miss it so), sd slots (though 8 gigs is nice), and the memos app... so far
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    I miss:

    - decent copy & paste functionality
    - good PIM apps...this one is a killer
    - better battery life
    - better phone reception without dropped calls
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    I NEED my outlook tasks, categorized, to be synced with something on the Pre - so i really miss that. Same goes for the Notes data from Outlook.

    These are my killer apps that are now AWOL with the Pre - at least a this point in terms of Apps.
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    Ditto on the tasks and notes. I still haven't managed to get any of my tasks and notes
    over from my Treo 600 to my Pre. They're all synced in Outlook, but no Pre sync
    app will pull them from Outlook. I never could get the DTA to work.

    And in general Tasks and Notes (Memo) apps on the Pre just *suck* compared to the Treo.
    I used to make notes with a one line title like "Movies" (or Books etc) and then list all
    the movies I want to see or rent or whatever check out their reviews.
    Easy to see the titles on the Treo. On the Pre the title of the Memo shrinks
    to unreadability because it tries to show as much of the memo as possible.
    Scrolling through a page or two of memos is just a blur and you are scrolling
    all the time because so few memos fit on a page.

    On the Treo I could see many more Tasks and I used them as recurring checklists.
    Make a list of common shopping items (or packing list, or actual flight checklist.. etc).
    Show all, uncheck all I intend to buy this shopping trip.. switch back to
    show uncompleted and then check them off as I go through the list, and when
    the screen is empty, I'm done. On the Pre, each task is too fat, and they
    don't disappear when you check them off so you're endlessly scrolling through the
    very long list looking for remaining items.

    Basically I miss the Treo's basic PIM functionality. It was really solid and fast.
    On the Pre, it's half assed and slow. I love so many things about the Pre, but
    I really miss that core Palm PIM functionality.

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    From my 650, i miss the antenna jabbing me in the side.
    From the Centro I miss the crappy web browser and it's inability to render even simple pages correctly.
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    I won't miss my Treo 700p because I intend to keep on using it. I can still play games on memory cards, I can still use it as a standalone GPS ( I have the memory card for it as well as a stand) and I still sometimes use the phone book occasionally. I never had a data plan or text plan on it , just used it as a phone.
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