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    So, after getting a SPAM HTML message, I got to thinking that there has to be a way to view websites offline. I downloaded a program called HTTrack and what it does is download websites to a file.

    When I set up the website, I just had it download the first page, no depth and no pictures. More on that later-

    After it downloaded the website, I then emailed the index.html file to myself. When it downloads the index file on the Pre, it also downloads the pictures off the web and keeps them in the email, just like HTML messages. After you close the message, it saves it so you can come back to it later, pictures and all.

    Its pretty basic, what I would really like it to do would be to do this daily, or even hourly for some sites and automatically email it to me. This would be great for areas of low coverage, or when on a plane and you know you will be in airplane mode, yet still able to browse websites!
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