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    I'm no mathematician (just a high school grad) but I've been wondering this for a while so help me out here guys and gals.

    Pre screen resolution: 320 x 480 pixels
    Pre screen size: 1.86" x 2.75"

    320 x 480 = 153,600 pixels on the screen
    1.86" x 2.75" = 5.115 sq. in.

    5.115 / 153,600 = 0.00003330078125 sq. in./pixel

    Do I have that right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    Pre screen resolution: 320 x 480 pixels
    Pre screen size: 1.86" x 2.75"
    The resolution of the LCD is actually 320 x 480 x 3 because every logical pixel is composed of three physical subpixels (red, green, and blue).

    The pixel pitch on this display is amazing, but explains why many of us have stuck pixels. Small imperfections have a much higher chance of destroying such small pixels.

    Each logical pixel is about 0.145mm x 0.145mm. Man, that's small.
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    Yeah, small is what I'm talking about. I'm having a hard time imagining even seeing, much less exchanging my Pre for, one dead pixel.
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    Agreed. I have to look really hard to find mine. Usually smudges are more of a bother than the stuck pixels.
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    They are not bad as long as it's just one, but once a sub pixel goes out, it raises the chance of another one going out. If i recall correctly the stuck pixels (normally white or a sub pixel color) can in some cases come back using those seizure videos, but a dead or black one is gone for good..
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