Anyone have any good tips for what to do when exchanging a defective Pre for a new one. Here's my list to start:

1) Before going to the store, go to the application "Backup" and tap "Back Up Now"
2) Be prepared to have third party application data lost, so back it up by writing it down somewhere (ie SplashID, etc) basically, any application that does not have an "account" associated with it as well.
3) The Photo application does not back up to Palm. You must sync to an account or pull your photos off using USB connection

Inspection: (To be done before leaving the store)
1) Check the display for dead pixels
2) Check the display for bright spots or discolorations (this may be tricky due to some background effects. I found it easiest to thumb through some to the wallpapers, looking for spots that remain stationary while the picture moves on the screen.
3) Check the screen for "wobble" If there is too large of a gap at the top of the screen, the tab that holds the screen stationary side-to-side is too short to be effective. (Note: Sprint employees reported to me that they received a memo on this issue and that some screens simply move more than others, but it is necessary to allow the phone to slide properly
4) Check the battery connection by opening and closing the phone a few times to make certain the movement does not cause the phone to reset.

Editorial: I'm a suprised that I am on my second Pre and it still is not correct. I would expect that for the $399 price tag the device would be near perfect out of the box. I think once I get a phone that works correctly, I'll be happy with it. I've got 5 more days to get it right or I'll have to return it and stick with my 755p