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    Does it have an app like that?
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    If you go install the classic, the world clock is there but it does not do anything. If you pick Esatern time with NY, the time here will not change. And you cannot set the time.
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    I was looking for something similar to what the iPhone has, which is pretty neat to see the current time in different time zones all at once. Maybe I'll learn some WebOS programming and write it myself then .
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    Sad very sad.

    This OS is about a year early (and four years late).
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    Does the pre at least have a timer?
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    it does have a world clock here's how you get it:

    1. go to the last page of the launcher and click on "date &time" icon on "network time zone"
    3. choose your city from the list*

    *if you start typing it searches throughout the whole list making it easier to navigate

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