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    Sadly this is common practice at many retailers. At least you were smart enough to look at it and not accept that crap
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    Quote Originally Posted by gweempose View Post
    Not true. I got mine from a Sprint store on launch day. Besides a slight wiggle when the phone is closed, the thing is pretty much flawless.
    "slight wiggle"

    Doesn't sound flawless to me. A minor issue, certainly, but maybe not flawless. Then again you did say "pretty much," so even you seem to realize that.
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    I had a customer come into my kiosk on sunday that just went to Best Buy and they told her she Had a $150 Sprint Deposit, either they messed up her social or they just strait up lied to her cuz when i ran the check she had 5 lines no Deposit, I was quite shocked, This was the Snellville, GA Best Buy
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