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    Maybe i need to look harder, but on the Pre there seems to be no help entry about the icon's related to connection with the sprint network...

    and i don't have screenshots so

    anyone care to post an explaination for the
    white and black "Ev" icon and the inversed colors one, I dunno which ones which
    and i take it "X1" means Ev-DO isn't avalible i assume...

    just wanna make sure i have the right idea what each one means

    i know what the general WiFi and Bluetooth icons are
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    When the Ev is written in black, it means the EV-DO connection is there, but not in use. When the text is white, there is data coming acorss. 1x means that you are using the older non-3G data transmission and it will be significantly slower (like AT&T's Edge network or so).
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    Sprint CDMA phones operate on two different types of network. EV-DO Rev A is for data only, it's called Power Vision. Vision is 1xRTT, which only handles messaging and voice.

    When EV shows on the Pre, both EV-DO and 1xRTT are available. When only X1 (or 1X, cant remember) is showing, this means that your data will still function but will be much slower than EV-DO.
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    Its 1X... Trust me, I see it pretty frequently =(

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