Since I've had the Pre, I've experienced the other extreme of customer service from Sprint. I've now received at least 7 phone calls (each from different people) at Sprint checking in to make sure everything was fine.

I received two just today! The first one was a general "Hey, how's it going? Is everything doing ok, anything I can help with?" to which I replied with an issue I'm having with receiving SMS from my bank shortcode. I immediately (in like 5 seconds I swear) was transferred to L2 Tech support and the guy stayed on the phone with me for 30 mins (including conferencing me in with my bank) to help solve the problem.

Then literally 2 hours later, another woman called to notify me that "We've updated your phone number as you requested" which meant the port, which had completed over a week ago was completed. She just wanted to make sure everything was ok and I didn't need anything else.

While I appreciate the attention and have been generally impressed with Sprint CS, I think it's kind of funny they keep calling me to check that everything's fine. Almost like they're worried I'll ditch them before my 30 days are finished. Wonder if they'll still call after the 30 days? hmmmmm