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    This looks like it would be fun. Wondering what I would put on mine....

    VIDEO: Palm Pre gets lasered
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Palm Pre (x2 referb)
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    This is pretty cool. Where could I get this done at adn do you know the cost? The video says sprint studio but I have no idea what that is.
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    That is cool...
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    if you want this type of stuff, most Engraving shops anymore (jewelry, sports memorabilia, sports awards, etc) have this type of Laser Engraver. It can be done on glass, plastics, wood, some metals, etc and done for fairly cheap. You can even design it yourself then take it in and have it put on (possibly with minor changes due to software differences, but overall the same).

    I know Midwest Trophy in Kansas City does this sort of thing ( I'm sure if you email them your idea then mail them your cover they can get it done, quickly and professionally.
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    i LOVE the "digg" logo. do want
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    Wow, that's a deep engraving... I have one of those lasers and it's pretty cool. I still haven't decided if I'm keeping my pre yet or I would be doing this to my pre.
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    I got my phone from a Sprint Studio store. It was basically just a corporate store but bigger inside. Not sure if there is any other difference.

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