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    my phone freezes up every time I plug it in to charge. Does anybody know the reason why? Or a way to stop this. It doesn't let me touch anybuttons, the touuch screen doesn't work and it won't turn on. When I unplug it I it goes back to working, but this really sucks
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    My Pre has never locked up but its stock with only Palm approved apps on it.

    Another question should be does anyone with a stock unhacked Pre have lockups.
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    Just happened this past weekend. I could swipe from card to card, but couldn't close them. I could get the launcher to open, but none of the icons worked. Had to pull the battery. First time since June with multiple Pre's.
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    multiple times since the 1.3.1 update
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    Happened to me once, was bored and wanted to see just how many apps I could open. Phone started to get laggy and froze for a while then restarted.
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    Since 1.3.1 I've had it freeze and crash almost daily when using the browser. It slows down to the point where it's completely non-responsive and then it reboots. This didn't happen at all before 1.3.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkcrown View Post
    My Pre goes black screen with unresponsive power button if I type on the keyboard to enter data on a web page in horizontal orientation. Easiest fix has been hold power button x few seconds then a very long reset process finally initiates. Occasionally had same issue if open or shut keyboard slider.
    I've had 3-4 episodes like you're describing. Not freezes. More like the Pre goes unresponsive and doesn't want to wake up(usually was powered off at the time) and then only way I've gotten through that was pulling the battery. I had around 80-90% even after I successfully rebooted so it's not a battery issue. It has happened before I tinkered with homebrew over this weekend so it occurred with my previously stock Pre plus. Frustrating. The rebooting process is pretty slow. I am somewhat used to this since my last phone was Blackberry 8830 and I had to pull battery often.
    Any ideas?
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    Mine has been frozen all day since i updated to 1.4...cant even get it to turn on
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