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    My only lockup was right after installing 1.1
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    I have not been "required" to reset my phone, because of no lock-ups. However, I did reset it once because my browser was acting kind of "wonky" (white screen, not wanting to load, etc.), but was fixed with a reset.

    That was about a week ago.
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    Mine has never frozen and I got it on launch day.
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    froze 2 or 3 times on launch day but has never frozen since the first OS update.
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    I love this topic... Why?

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    While my pre hasn't frozen on me, it did do an auto-magical reset today when I was using my camera. Weird...
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    uhm, 0.
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    I've never really had a lock up on the Pre yet. I do happen to reset my phone once a day out of sheer habit that was handed down upon me by my BB Curve. The memory leaks on that thing required a daily to bi - daily reboot.

    I don't know if The Goat will ever get used to having such a stable OS.
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    I thought everyone who said there pre froze were just kidding didn't think web-os had that problem and for me it doesn't I'm still at zero
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    Mine freezes at least twice a day since I got it in June. I have to take the battery out a lot.
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    Mine hardly ever froze (maybe once) until I downloaded 1.1. Today it started to freeze at least 5 times - mostly when closing the slider while in an application.

    It does not appear to be app specific and nothing new downloaded recently except for a Where update.
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    Mine does not freeze but from it has been saying lately that I have too many cards open when I only have two or three open.
    Anyone else experience similar issues?
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    I'm curious what you guys mean by frozen or locked up. I have seen the device get sluggish when it is running out of memory - you ask it to do something and it pauses for a while and then says "Too many cards open". I usually find out that I have 5 web browsers, email and several other apps open. I shut them and all is well again. I've not had an outright freeze. I did see some odd behavior with Classic - I tried the app and then got rid of it - I figured it was a crutch but not a real solution for Palm OS migrators.
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    My Pre freezes about once a day since webOS 1.1.

    - Craig
  15. 8er
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    Too many freeze up moments.

    Often very sluggish to respond when scrolling recent calls.

    Ending GPS enabled applications often results in spontaneous soft resets.

    Very annoying - google map use caused it to report too many cards open, closed it [then the only app open], still reported too many cards open, waited, tried to open a card, would not open a card because of the memory leak, waited longer, still could not open a new card. Fix was a restart. Not impressed

    Few days later, all cards closed. Tried several times to get it to charge, plug unplug, wait, unplug from wall, from phone, wait, try again, plug replug. No actions would show the phone charging. I reset the phone, and it charged ok afterwads. Not happy.
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    My Pre goes black screen with unresponsive power button if I type on the keyboard to enter data on a web page in horizontal orientation. Easiest fix has been hold power button x few seconds then a very long reset process finally initiates. Occasionally had same issue if open or shut keyboard slider.

    Concur with above post - occ see error message of too many cards after using google maps despite no app cards being open.
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    I've never had it freeze at all. Once in awhile it gets herky-jerky and sluggish, at which point I do a simple reset. Often I do a reset when plugging the phone in to charge at night if I think of it, which probably averts some sluggish episodes, and maybe even some freezes. I'm content with the performance, considering that this is a brand new OS. Hopefully 1.2 (or at least a later update) will further improve things.
    Mike B in OKlahoma

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    My only freeze up I'm blaming on Homebrew... before filecoaster had detailed descriptions I just downloaded like 80 apps to see what they did and one of them made it completely lock up when I closed the app. I have since had no problem with Pre freeze ups or Homebrew apps :P

    Pre does get sluggish but clearing the cache, closing cards, or a reset always fix that.
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    ok so my pre has been frozen for almost a week now! I took it to the repair center and while im waiting to be helped, the f&8@ing phone begins to work just fine! i left it there anyway hoping they would find what was wrong with it and of course nothing..... now its frozen again. SOMEONE TELL ME I AM NOT ALONE ON THIS!
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