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    I have tried to work this issue out with Palm over the past week to no avail. My issue is I have moved over all of my photos from my Treo 755p to a photo folder on my Pre. Once I have moved them over and the Pre comes back up, it locks up.

    Actually, it first says the memory is critical and to close some of the cards. There are no cards open though. I then go to the device info to reset the phone, but it went into a perma-loop now. The photo files I have moved over are perfectly fine on my PC and all of the pictures look great. There is a total of 361 photos with a total of 30mb. Palm says this should be no problem, but...

    Now the phone is in perma-loop. The Palm logo is on the screen and halo goes on/off but it never fully loads. The Palm logo freezes on the halo, then goes black, then starts over again.

    I am about to do erase data via the palm profile page, but does anyone have a clue WTF is going on with my issue?

    Is there a way to access the Pre memory via USB without the phone booted up or without a battery?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I have EXACTLY the same problem. I did just what you did, transferred a bunch of photos from my 755p to the Pre via USB and mine has been stuck in perma loop as well. This renders ALL of the reset options unavailable since they all require the device to be booted up to work. The only possible hope you have is to use the WebOS Doctor download from Palm to reset the device. This is what Sprint support told me.

    I have not been able to determine if WebOS Doctor will work because on one computer the java based program generates a security error and on my other, I can't get the computer to recognize it as a USB device. So try the WebOS Doctor to see if you can get a reset. If not, then you need to exchange it, which is what I am about to do for the 2nd time.

    I wish I could have got the reset to work. This 2nd Pre I got had good build quality (no gap in slider at top, good slide function) and seemed completely stable until I loaded this pictures. I'm going to be examining this 3rd one carefully and its crazy because I got mine at Best Buy where they only have ones they were holding for people, and thats the only place I can exchange it. If I walk in there and they don't have one, I'm going to return it.

    The OS is awesome. The hardware implementation was rushed and the reality is that all of us early adopters are going to have issues like this. I've seen tales of people taking them back as many as four times.

    A friend of mine said they told her at the Sprint store to hold off for a major system upgrade coming within a month to correct glitches. So I'm hopeful another OS update is on the way. When I picked up the first one, there was a lady there who had one and she raved about it and she was not a geek, so there are people who are not having this experience, but I suspect that power users like me who are going to immediately make demands on this phone are going to deal with issues. I am definitely going to be blogging about my experience.

    I'm committed to the gadget. I think once the app ecosphere for this thing gets rolling, its going to be off the hook.
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    I had a similar problem with my Pre--couldn't take care of it with the first Pre, but when it happened again I was able to back out. See below for correspondence sent to the Sprint store manager who replaced my first Pre.

    I was in last evening with a Pre that stopped working after transferring data from my computer to my Pre using the USB cord. You replaced it with a new Pre and asked me to let you know how it went. As you suggested, I broke up the transfers this time rather than doing it all at once:
    1)first--documents (word, excel)--959 KB
    2)second--podcasts (.mp3)--827 MB--created new folder
    3)third--music (.mp3, .wmv)--1.3 GB--created new folder with 12 subfolders
    4)fourth--photos & video (.jpg, .3g2)--15.6 MB--created new subfolder
    5)fifth--photos & video (.jpg, .mpg, .3g2)--432 MB--created new subfolder

    After each transfer, I disconnected the USB cord (using Safely Remove Hardware function) and tested. After the first four transfers--no trouble. After the fifth transfer, the problem that caused the first exchange repeated: reset loop, message "memory critical--too many cards" even though no cards where open. However, there was a difference this time when I plugged in the USB cord during this process...I was able to temporarily access the USB drive portion for very short periods, e.g., ~30-90 seconds or so. It would then reset and I'd have to wait for access again. This repeated.

    I looked at the specs for the Pre and noticed the following:

    Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV
    Video Formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264
    Image Formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP.

    I theorized that perhaps some of the formats I transferred were problematic. So, during those brief intervals of connectivity, I deleted all of the .wmv, .3g2, and .mpg files from my Pre. It did improve the functioning some--I was able to go through the screens of my launcher, but I couldn't launch anything without getting the "memory critical" error (but no reset). I connected again and deleted every remaining file I put on from the fifth transfer. When this was complete, I had no more "memory critical" errors despite opening calendar, surfing a few webpages, checking and viewing an email, creating a new task, viewing pictures and assigning a new wallpaper, and/or playing all song (not all at the same time). In short, it seemed to return to the level of functioning I had before. This entire process took more than 3 hours, but at least I could do it--the last time this happened I could not.

    I at a loss to really understand what happened. I find it hard to believe that the system is so sensitive to common audio and video formats that aren't supported that it would lead to this problem. I hope the great detail helps, and I would appreciate any follow-up you can provide. Needless to say, I'm reluctant to add anything new using my USB drive function without a better idea of what happened.

    Thanks again for the excellent service today.

    Since this time, I have transferred more music, pictures, and documents and had not trouble--I have not attempted to transfer anything that is outside palm's approved formats. I didn't hear back from the message I sent.
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    I've transferred all my pictures and videos from my 755p with no problems. Might be the quantity or type. Although my Pre plays my 3g2 videos fine.
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    Hey Political Season and DFW Man,

    You aren't alone. There were several of us with issues transferring 755P pictures. Mine was actually only one out of my 300+ pictures (yes, I actually transferred them in batches and had to do the webOS Doctor reset several times before finding the culprit). Not corrupt in any way except the Pre not liking it. But anywho, I came up with a pretty sure method to get webOS Doctor to work. We've determined it doesn't work on Windows 7 or any 64-bit Windows OS, and like you've already experienced, it does have Java issues sometimes. Just in case you haven't taken it back, try looking at this thread. Hope it helps.

    Oh and I almost forgot, if you look in the Hardware/Software Issues forum and search for 755P, you'll probably run across the other threads with people having 755P picture issues. Obviously only do that if you are bored since the only fixes are to hard reset the phone via webOS Doctor or the Palm SMS wipe, or return the phone. I've done all three
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