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    wow..i never have to check for updates on my phone...everyone here is always checking for me..downloading now.
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    I was juuussst about to do my daily check for updates. Thank you for the heads-up!
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    Took less than 10 minutes to complete ... checking to see if there is anything new now.
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    I'll let you guys try it out before I make the update
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    It looks like viewing .PDF's from email attachments works now!
    I could never get that to work.
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    No new apps or updated software per Apps list (Launcher - List Apps...)
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    Actually let me credit they had it first and it popped up on my twitter. Thanks techstooge!!

    QUOTE=Far Left Texas;1718156]Anybody else not surprised that the notification of 1.0.4 hits PrPrPr&#$275$;$Central$.$com$ $before$ $Palm$'$s$ &$quot$;$official$&$quot$; $support$ $forum$? $With$ $1$.$0$.$3$, $Pr$&#$275$;$Central$ $was$ $about$ $1$.$5$ $hours$ $ahead$ $of$ $Forums$.$Palm$.$com$.

    Download complete, installing now![/QUOTE]
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    I dont know, seems to be opening things a bit much faster so far.
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    Is dev mode still available?
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    You know... I have to say - I love the Over the Air updates... it sure beats plugging the phone into itunes :-)
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    according to the palm support forum post (non- official though)
    Information hasn't been published to the site yet. Palm released an official notice to Sprint, and I heard about it from my corporate account rep. According to Palm:

    Unauthorized applications could be installed without having physical access to the device

    Looks like a security update.
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    Sweet! Finished installing. Need to know what the new update updated!
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    Let's hope it doesn't lock down anything that's been coming out.
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    The new update tells me when I need to **** then the Pre wipes my booty for me.
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    I was checking the last few days.

    Funny how with all the issues I've had with the Pre, I decided to keep it, and now look forward to these updates like a kid.
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    Roam only and call timers hack are still enabled!
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    Downloading now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Drifter- View Post
    No new apps or updated software per Apps list (Launcher - List Apps...)
    suduku got updated so far.
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    W00t, an update just in time for my 3rd pre
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    Can't wait to see what's included. Landscape Email isn't there, can't forward SMS...not sure what else to check, my mind has frozen.
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