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    I really like the Palm Pre but this is the third phone in three weeks that has had problems. I am going back to my Touch Pro for now. Maybe I will try a future WebOS device....but for now it's back to WM....uugghh. I will be keeping up on the progress of the Pre and WebOS and appreciate all of the information I have received from fellow Pre Central users!
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    Don't feel bad, I might be going on 5 Pre's since the 6th. I really don't want to give up, because I don't like Windows Mobile, to slow and Blackberry's are not for me. I was told be Sprint that if it takes 10 Pre's until I get a good one, that is fine with them. The software itself is superior. Myself personally, it was all hardware problems. If you want to go back to the Touch Pro, that is fine. Maybe in a few months when all the hardware problems have been fixed( hopefully) you might try again.

    Good Luck
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    Wow... 3? What happened?
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    I'm hoping my 5th will be there today, I went yesterday and got my 4th replacement and the Sprint rep when he opened the box what the hell why would they ship one like this, the screen was totally crocked. haha, he still had to give me the phone and I could have my other one cause he sd he has to ship my old one back since he already activated this one and my old one just had dead pixes and was much easier to deal with. This one is unbarable. Can't wait.
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    that sucks! Im glad i didnt have any problems with my pre (k o w) but if had the problems im reading on these forums i would have jumped ship too.

    I hope all goes well in your future phone use...
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    I don't know, mine has been superb, no problems at all. That sucks some people have the screen issues, shut offs, etc. I would say keep trying, mine has been far.
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    can you clear why you had 5 Pre's?
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    My pre has TWO dead pixils (can only see them when the screen is solid black like on the reboot PALM startup). It also has the yellow discoloration on a few places on the screen (but can only notice when the background is white). I returned my FIRST PRE becasue it would shut off on its own and when I closed the slider it would re-boot. SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT THESE TWO DEAD PIXILS AND YELLOW SCREEN? Other than that the pre is PERFECT!

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