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    I have noticed several light patterns/events from the gesture area and am wondering if there is something i need to look at/tweak, or whether it is a bug?. Anyone else seeing the same thing -

    The gesture ball on my phone now often blinks it's light nonstop at a fast pace until i gesture upwards over the ball then it stops. Other times it will flash nonstop at a slightly slower pace and it stops flashing if i touch somewhere on the gesture area. I have no idea if this is some message to me to check something or if it is just a random event.

    Likewise i will see times where either the gesture light to the left of the ball or to the right of the ball will remain in the on position until i touch the light once more.

    I have let my battery drain completely and re-charge so at first i thought the flashing indicator was some low battery warning, but it happens even after it re-powers on after a full charge, so now i don't know what to think.

    If anyone can shine some light on this it would be great. Or is this a unique hardware/phone problem i am having?
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    Sounds like a bug to me.
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    Probably replace your phone. Seems like somethng is continually touching that spot
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    I tend to hold my Pre a lot with my left hand while operating it with my right. I've occasionally found myself holding it such that a finger (or fingers) of my left hand are (inadvertantly) touching either the left or right side of the gesture area. This has caused the lights to flash as if I had touched something. So when holding your Pre make sure your fingers touch only the sides of the Pre and do not wrap around, up and over onto the gesture area.
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    Ok, i tested this some more and found a way to reproduce it consistently on my phone -

    If I swipe up from the gesture area it opens the app launcher and the center ball flashes at about 1 flash per 1-1.5 sec. If i then swipe down to close the launcher, the two dots on either side of the ball flash at the same rate. If i then touch one of those dots, all flashing stops.
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    Swipe a circle counterclockwise around the center ball button from say 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock and the lights light up and it goes back a page.

    I think the lights are notification, not bug.
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    thanks for the attempt to explain, but unfortunately it isn't the standard lighting behavior i.e. i am well aware of how the lights flash once when you gesture to go back or forward, this is more of a constant flashing or a light that stays on until i touch it to turn off.

    My guess is it is a software bug, given the fact that the gesture bar still lights and turns off when i touch it, but i will wait for a couple of days before deciding to exchange it, in case it is fixed via software.
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    #8 about you make a video to show us?
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    ok i created a video here -

    first i swipe up, then i swipe down and you can see the 2 lights flashing, then i swipe up again and now the center ball is flashing, then i swipe down, again the 2 lights flashing, the i swipe sideways and it stops flashing. Then i swipe the ball sideways and it starts you can see, it is a little odd.
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    So you have the ONE Pre that uses these lights for notification?

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    That is definitely not normal.
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