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    Hi everyone, i just want to know if WiFi is turned on and available, Does the phone connects via WiFi or I need to put it on Airplane mode to force it?

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    Your phone will only use wifi in these situations:

    A. It's not already using EvDO for a data connection for a specific app. If it is, it will continue to use EvDO until that app closes its data connection.
    B. Your phone is charging (via any means, cable or touchstone)
    C. Or your phone is ON. I mean not in standby with the screen off, I mean completely on and unlocked. You will notice it reconnecting to wifi when you unlock.

    Also note that turning on Airplane mode will disable Wifi.
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    Turning on Airplane mode will disable Wifi if Wifi was already on. But you can turn WiFi on while airplane mode is on.
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    I find that the phone streams better and loads webpages better on EVdo than it does with wifi turned on so I just leave wifi off most of the time until I really need to use it. Does anyone else experience this?

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