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    Anyone else notice a math mistake here?
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    Yeah the Sprint one is off by $100.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abiezerf View Post
    Yeah the Sprint one is off by $100.
    Actually--it's right on. If you go to the Wired article, the top number is the cost for the unit ($200 after rebate, which is by a dollar, I suppose), and the second one is the cost of a monthly unlimited plan--$100 (again, off by a dollar or a penny, I forget if SE is $99 or $99.99)
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    Sprint should be $2600. $100 per month for 24 months plus $200 for the phone. The general point is still accurate though. Sprint is much cheaper than the other carriers.
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    Not much new here though. This is common knowledge right?

    I'd argue though that family plans or the cheapest single plans are the most popular. Not these single unlimited "can't use a discount on" plans.

    Be interesting to see a family plan (say two lines) comparison.

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