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    All in all, I enjoy the Pre. The one killer issue (which could be a deal breaker for me) is signal strength fluctuation. No need to go into the details of the signal strength issues, as it's a known issue within the Pre community.

    I started trying to do some unscientific research on why I get great signal strength sometimes and other times, in the same area, it's pure crap. The one think I can up with was that if I keep my battery pretty at least 70% charged, I get the signal strength I expect from Sprint (based upon their coverage maps). If I let the battery fall into the 30% - 50% range, my signal strength will start to fluctuate.

    It's almost like once the battery drains to a certain point, the OS software starts to ramp down the amount of power to the antenna in an attempt to preserve battery life.

    The only analogy I can think of is with Intel laptop processors from a few years back that would scale back the CPU speed when the laptop was not connected to a power source.

    If that's the case, signal strength could be improved with a firmware upgrade.

    I'm not a hardware/networking expert so is just my observations. Is there anyone out there more knowledge of the inner workings of smart phones who may be able to confirm if what I'm observing is feasible, or if I'm just talking out my a** ?
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    thanks, I will watch mine and see if I can see the same thing. I do experience a significantly lower strength level in locations that I use to do very well with my treo755. The problem is they are work and 2 most important locations.
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    ecb1171 I think you've got something there. Good post.
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    Okay, so I'm not the only one with signal strength issues... I mean, if you look on the sprint coverage map, I should be in the highest Sprint area. But sometimes it fluctuates all over the place. Is this a fix that can happen via update? This a software or hardware related issue. I may have to exchange my pre if that's the case... My serious and only gripe with the Pre as of now is signal strength. But it's obviously an issue that can be fixed since I'm in a DARK GREEN area...

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