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    I started noticing a couple of days ago that I can't receive calls from people on AT&T. I would see them calling me, but when I would pick up, just silence most of the time. Other times it would be some other random person speaking, not the person that was calling me.

    I don't have any problems calling out to AT&T or receiving calls from any other provider. Any ideas?
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    Double post???
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    Yea, thought it would get more views here and then realized I couldn't delete the other one...
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    No idea.

    Sounds like an issue on AT&T's end though.
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    Maybe that iPhone thingy is more i and less Phone. I keed. I keed.

    Usually that is on the originator network. Saw some of that a few years ago with Verizon calls into Sprint. My family is split between the two. Verizon updated something and all was well again.
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    The Pre is ignoring the I phone and the I phone decided not to speak with Pre. They just need to kiss and make up.

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