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    Generally speaking, I don't like green, and definitely did not like the green phone on my Pre. I'm sure that someday we'll be able to edit these more easily, but for now I found information on the Pre Dev WIKI about modifying the phone color, and decided to give it a go.

    Actually, before reading the WIKI, I thought there'd be a lot of buttons and icons that would have to be recolored, but it was much easier than that. I used photoshop to modify three files. It took longer to unprotect the originals and copy the new files than it did to make the changes.

    You have to have root access to do this. The three files that have to be modified are (all in /usr/palm/applications/ ):

    See the attachment for the end result.
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    Very cool.. Thanks for the info, looks like i'll be changing the phone color tomorrow
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    Do the "in call" colors still apply?
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    ooh man i wish i knew how to do this ;(
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    How about a thread where users can upload their customized dialer files? Would be helpful for those that lack photoshop skills but still want a new look for their phone.

    I'm still looking for that "blue sky" dialer... I have the background, just need the two smaller .png's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Do the "in call" colors still apply?
    Yes, as far as I can tell, all of the other phone app "states" are overlays over the background, or use the other two files.

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