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    I went on an exchange waiting list due to the slider shutdown problem. On Saturday I went to the store to exchange my first Pre.

    Saturday evening after heavy use I notice a yellow margin on the screen right edge, about 5mm, especially noticeable next to the charger port. Sigh.

    I went back to the store this morning, I'm on first name terms with the sales lady (cute and very helpful). She was surprised, but said they had more in stock and brought one in.

    We take the new one out of the box, activate it, my profile is done, and then I notice a bubble on the screen. WTF? There was a Palm "ambassador" there, I showed it to him as well but what can he say.

    Luckily there were more at the store, so they go to the back and bring another one. At this point we said, lets check it first before activating. We pull it out of the box, another bubble at the exact same spot. Kudos for the manufacturing defect consistency. They nailed it twice in a row.

    We are all rolling eyes at this point, but they go to the back and bring another one. This one looks fine, one dead pixel, no biggie. I go on my way.

    Driving around town I notice the Pre keeps getting on and off the charger with audible notifications. Dear God. Back to the store.

    I walk in with my arms in the air in resignation. They test it out and say it works. Ah, but I'm using the Sprint car charger, not the regular Palm one. So we test a new Sprint car charger cable and it's solid.

    So I'm now on my 5th Pre. To be honest when the complaints were coming in at launch I thought nothing of it and there I am on my 5th Pre. I'm amazed at my patience, I guess I really want this phone.

    Luckily I haven't transfered my T-Mobile G1 line yet, I'll give it the full 30 day and then decide. Dammit. I'm not super picky or a complainer but I've never seen anything like this.
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    I am going in today at 9am to finly get mine! WOOT!
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    Go to another store, maybe that one is cursed.
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    What's the build date on your latest Pre?

    I haven't gotten mine yet, but reading stories like this gives me pause. On the other hand, atleast Sprint didn't hassle you on the exchange.
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    If the only problem your original Pre had was the shutdown thing I would have just put two little pieces of rubber band to hold the battery in place and kept the phone.

    Why would I do that? Because I'm doing it with the phone I have right now. It's good enough and I don't feel like reaching in the pot with my eyes closed hoping to get the perfect phone.
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    My new Pre was just built recently (6/20) and it has a horrible yellow spot when the Pre gets warm after a phone call/Pandora/etc... I will try again, I just wish I hadn't ported my number over - my first Pre had little faults other than some minor light bleeding and a slight twist, so I was going to keep it. But Sprint screwed up the port process and basically bricked my phone. I even had a skin on my old phone that is now junk. Now who knows if I will ever get a phone that is as good as my first one. I had to leave the store yesterday with the defective phone because the store was closing (they lost my name in the que and I waited over an hour...) and I didn't have any time to test out the new phone to see if there were defects.
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    Man I am looking at my phone to make sure that I am not missing anything. i feel really lucky because I got my phone at launch and have not had any of these issues. The only thing wrong with is are some minor scratches due to my stupidity lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrcbandit View Post
    My new Pre was just built recently (6/20)
    How do you get to where u can see the build date again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrissurra View Post
    Thanks! I knew it was a ## option. just couldn't remember the numbers.
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    is there a way to tell the built date from the box?
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    I got my Pre on launch day - worked right out of the box and I'm not having problems with it.

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