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    Ok so I dont know how to code (but I wish I did!) can any one tell me if this is a possibility...

    I was thinking it would be cool to change the lock screen (you know the little yellow lock ball thing) to like a soccer ball and have to throw it in a goal to unlock the phone or even like a football through the uprights...

    I know it wouldnt serve much of a point but it would be a pretty cool and fun feature to have.

    Does anyone know if the SDK allows for the lock screen to be coded or messed with in order to make this possible?
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    Im thinking about it, and it seems to be possible. Since all you need is the lock to be "dragged" about a certain point to unlock, coding should allow the phone to narrow the field to a goal area, and allow the lock ball to be thrown instead of dragged. I do not have the SDK, but if I did, I would have a more of answer for you. If I get the SDK, I will update this post.

    Or maybe someone with SDK can verify.

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