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    Not sure what they did in the update now I can at least import my .vid file. Was 400 plus records if anyone has had similar issues. Also should note that setting a password does NOT work and scrambles the data. Not happy about that, but at least I have my data there now and don't have to find my pc.
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    So basically we have to download the standalone desktop (no sync) and export the VID or CSV file to the Pre via USB?
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    After updating; delete all records on Pre and re-import from your desktop application (previous users). Now all the notes will show up - cool, I use the notes extensively. If you don't delete records, you end up with duplicates.
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    Since installing the update I can no longer add any records. The "Save" button highlights momentarily but does nothing. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    Same behavior here - add does not appear to work after update
    Using my Pre to help run:

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    Me too after the 0.4.7 update. I e-mailed them about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    To get applications for your Pre, you go to the App Catalog on your phone.
    I understand that & I have the SplashID app on my Pre so let me be more clear.

    Many on this Forum are saying as a back up & for ease of transfer of data, they are using SplashID Desktop. When I look up the Desktop version, I am not showing a link that transfers data to the Pre or WebOs. Other phones & operating systems are specifically referenced.

    Hope that makes it more clear. Cheers & thanks for any help.
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    So how do we manually get the info from the desktop to the Pre?
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    The only way currently to get data from SplashID Desktop to the Pre is to export a vID or CSV file from SplashID Desktop (make sure it is not password protected), copy the file via USB mode to the Pre, open SplashID on the Pre and select Import. Once the import is successful you can then delete the vID/CSV file you brought over to the Pre.
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