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    Seems if I'm surfing the web for any extended period, and I go to my bookmarks and tap on one, it goes to the white screen like its gonna load, but the refresh button isn't spinning, like the page is already loaded, if I hit the refresh, the blue spinner will spin for eternity, or until the battery dies. I try clearing the cache manually typing in website, usually I have to do a reset to get it to work again, anyone else having this?
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    I also have this problem,at least once a day,turning the phone off and back on again seems to do the trick,real anoying.
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    You might try "pulling down" on the app like you were scrolling to see the top of the screen. Sometimes that kicks it loose for me. I have no idea why, other than that it causes a refresh to draw the name of the page at the top of the screen.
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    Had this problem a couple of times. It kind of reminds me of a PC "freeze." Anyway, all I've done to remedy is gesture back or press the button, swipe the app away and then revisit. Works fine on the revisit
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    I get half pages. To get the full page I just tip to landscape.
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    I ussually close and open you tube then close that and open the page... Seems to work...

    This is kinda annoying though.
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    This is happening every 1 - 2 days for me. Only powering off the device and turning it back on seems to fix it. I'm hoping this gets addressed in a later update, as it's not like this phone reboots quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyandthesets View Post
    I get half pages. To get the full page I just tip to landscape.
    Lol, this is exactly how I got stuck pages to load on my iphone, doesn't seem to work for me on pre though, thanls for thw replies, I'm hoping palm can fix this with an update
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    It has happened to me a few times but I noticed that whenever this happens to me it's around 9:30 in the evening, and only once a day. Ironically, that's around the time my Pre says it last automatically backed up. I'm guessing this might be the issue. A restart always fixes it for me though (until the next evening).

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