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    I was one of the unlucky folks who had the internal screen cracks for no apparent reason. I wanted to share the path to resolution for me in the hopes it might help some of you. I will just keep it pithy with bullet points:

    * Two weeks after getting the Pre on release day the cracks developed

    * I bought my Pre at BestBuy - they would not address the issue unless I purchased their $10/month Black Tie warranty - the store manager himself told me this.

    * I purchased the Black Tie Mobile warranty and was told to come back in a few days so it didn't look suspicious (ie. making a claim the same day I purchased the warranty)

    * I came back a few days later and they had no Pre's in stock. I was told I had to give them my phone and when they got a Pre for me they would let me know. They could not provide a loaner phone but offered to sell me a cheap phone as a spare

    * I left Best Buy with my Pre - I did not like the terms of their warranty and their lack of assistance.

    * I contacted Sprint Customer Service and they said they had no knowledge of any issues with the Pre and that I needed to have TEP if I wanted it covered. I told them I was familiar with TEP but that since it is a pre-existing condition and Sprint now knows about it (since I just told them) it wouldn't make sense to purchase TEP. The Sprint Customer Service rep told me to purchase TEP then wait a day and go to Welcome To Asurion's Online Resource Center and file a claim and pay the $100 deductible. I told her that I wasn't paying $100 for a defective phone that was only two weeks old.

    * I went to one of my two local Sprint Stores. The first person I spoke with had never seen the cracked screen issue. He said he was a repair tech and that no tech notes had been sent to him about this issue. He asked if he could take it in back to look at it and call his district manager.

    * 15 minutes later he came out and said his district manager told him that Sprint and Palm are aware the this issue and it is a "hot issue" that they are looking at. He said I could have a replacement free of charge - they had none in stock but took my info and put it into the computer right in front of me.

    * The next day I was told that the other Sprint Store in town had the Pre in stock - so I contacted them. First they asked me if the phone was over 30 days old - I said, "No one has a Pre over 30 days old since they were just released this month". They said they would not and could not assist me since this is a "warranty issue"

    * Saturday morning my Sprint Store called me to tell me my Pre was in. I went in and got the phone. I looked on the the printout that came with the phone detailing my case. Here is the good info I was talking about...

    "This is becoming a red flag issue"

    Sprint printed right on this paper that this is "becoming a red flag issue". I am not sure what that means in terms of Sprint's meaning - but it is quite apparent that Sprint does know about and acknowledge this issue when confronted by a customer.

    If you are having an issue and you speak with someone at Sprint Customer Service or if you go to a Store and speak with someone in management - tell them that you have a friend that got his replaced under the 30 day period and he was told by Sprint that they know about this issue and they have deemed it a red flag issue.

    The thing that I find disconcerting is that it is the luck of the draw - depending who you speak with at Sprint or a Sprint Store - you have to get someone sympathetic to your plight.

    My advice - Be nice, courteous and patient...but be firm as well. Remind them that it is under the 30 day warranty period right now and that Sprint has deemed it a red flag issue. If the people at your Sprint Store do not want to assist, call Customer Care from the store. From what I was told at my Sprint Store is that they are obliged to assist and resolve this issue while under the 30 day purchase period.

    Hope some of this helps.


    Wichita, KS
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    Great advice. Be nice but firm and persistent, they will give you a replacement.
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    Very nice, and thank you for the info!
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    would you have a case # or something like that we could refer to when talking to these guys? Simply telling these guys a "friend" got great service on this issue and said Sprint red-flagged it isn't going to cut the mustard.

    Good post, though and you're right......always be nice and persisitent.
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    Hi Kev,

    Sorry, I never even got a case number. The Sprint Store just said they would call when they got a new Pre in - and they did. I did not fill out any or receive any paperwork.

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